Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Aster Butter Scotch Luxury Bathing Bar Review

Hello beautifuls!! I have not been very irregular with my blog of late. It is because I am not keeping that well. Anyway, I am back with a soap review and this time it is the Aster Butter Scotch Luxury Bathing Bar.

About Aster Butter Scotch Luxury Bathing Bar:
Aster Luxury Butter scotch is an enticing natural organic bathing bar nourishes all skin types. This soap produces rich creamy and gentle lather. Its mild aromatic fragrance makes you addicted. This soap reduces fine lines and retains the moisture balance

Price: Rs.150 for 125 g. Available here

Packaging: Aster Butter Scotch Luxury Bathing Bar comes in a double plastic wrapping.

Product: The soap is creamy brown in colour and has a sweet smell of butterscotch mixed with some herbal scents

My Experience: I love how Aster has improved on its packaging with the double plastic wrapper. The latest introduction of various fragrances is also tempting. Butterscotch is something very unique when it comes to soaps. As like the other soaps from Aster, Aster Butter Scotch Luxury Bathing Bar also lathers decently. I like the sweet aroma of butterscotch that is not overpowering and blends perfect with the herbal scents. The best thing about the soap is its hydrating effect. It makes the skin soft and supple. There is no dryness at all.

Aster Butter Scotch Luxury Bathing Bar is a cream based soap that leaves the skin quite pampered. It leaves a nice sweet aroma all over. It can be a great soap for the winters as it hydrates the skin. It is said to work well on fine lines. I feel it can be a great try for those with very dry skin.

1. Cruelty free
2. Made with natural ingredients
3. Smells nice
4. Hydrates skin
5. Retains the moisture balance of skin
6. Said to word on fine lines
7. Lathers decently
8. Great for winters
9. Leaves skin soft

1. Nothing 

Rating: 5/5

Aster Butter Scotch Luxury Bathing Bar is a wonderful soap for dry skin like mine. It makes the skin softer and smoother, leaving it smell quite sweet. A great buy for the dry winters.

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