Friday, November 6, 2015

#ExpressYourself with FREECULTR

I am being frank to you all, I am not that crazy about T-shirts. Most of the time I wear vests without any designs. The reason behind is simple, I do not find a T-shirt that matches my expectation. You might be thinking I am being too picky, but hey, would you buy a T-Shirt that has some designs or fonts you really do not like? But how would you feel if you get to custom design your own T-shirt? Amazing right? FREECULTR enables you to design your T-shirt yourself.

FREECULTR gives you full freedom to upload any design of your choice. It can be a sketch, graffiti, doodle, pictures, anything that you would want to be incorporated in your T-shirt. I was so excited by this unique feature that I immediately started to find out some designs to create my own T-Shirts.
Here are the designs that I have picked up:

Faces T-Shirt: This is my favourite design as I had been an avid lover of sketching various faces since the time I started to use colours. I like lot of colours and expressiveness in my art. I found this medley of faces to be extremely intimidating and thought of making it a design on my T-shirt. Anyone with an artistic bend of mind will definitely relate with this design.

Twinkle T-Shirt: A starry sky is an absolute thing of beauty. This picture was taaken by me a few years back and is one of my favourites. I loved how gorgeous it looks on the T-shirt. I am sure it will suit every one irrespective of age or gender.

Green Diwali T-Shirt: When the festivals are just round the corner, how can we stay away from something that does not depict festivities, and as this year I have planned to celebrate a Green Diwali, I chose this picture that depict greenery on earth.

Funky Floral T-Shirt: Again a colourful doodle filled with flowers and other random stuffs that actually are combined together to form a cool design was selected by me for my T-shirt. It is very eye-catching and looks very funky and youthful.

Teen Bandar T-Shirt: The theme of the moment, the message of the century. With all the atrocities happening around this message of Teen Bandar ideally speaks for one and all. I can flaunt these 3 wise cuties anytime anywhere.

The best thing about FREECULTR is that you can create your own showroom with your designed T-shirts and can actually make profit out of the sales. Sounds exciting? Well, that's why I have spent almost 3 days in selecting the designs and uploading them on my store.

It has been an outstanding experience and I cannot wait to get hand on at least one of my designed T -shirts. Do you like any of these? If yes, tell me which one should I pick? If you want to make your designs to be available to all, and make profit out of it, hurry and sign up to FREECULTR to #ExpressYourself.

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