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The ultimate guide to eyeliners- which, what, when?

A make-up bag without eyeliner is like shoes without heels. It’s plain BORING. And not to forget, PATHETIC. I am sure that none of us would wish either of the two cases even to the worst of our enemies. ;) But let’s be honest, if you are an amateur in the field of make-up; choosing the right type of eyeliner can be overwhelming.

There are loads and loads of eyeliners out there waiting for you. But unfortunately, there is no omnipotent eyeliner which can satisfy all your eye-makeup requirements. So here we decided to explore the most loved make-up product, which every girl uses. Eyeliners basically come in four variants, traditional kajal, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and gel or cream eyeliner. Read below to know more.

Kajal eyeliner
This is the stuff your grandmothers and mothers generally talk about while reminiscing about their past. Traditionally the kajal used to be prepared at home from the soot of black pots. Yes, we know it sounds gross; but that is what it used to be, plain soot. But nowadays, thanks to scientific researches, kajals are prepared in a much safer way and are healthier for the eyes. But are undoubtedly the most primitive eyeliners in the market even today. These kajals are generally dry and need little or no moisture to work efficiently. They work well on the lower lash line.
My best picks would be Oriflame Pure Colour Kajal Black and Himalaya Herbals Kajal.

Kohl Pencil eyeliner
Kohl Pencils are the absolute best when it comes to creating an easy and subtle smokey eye. These pencils are extra soft in texture and glide without tugging at your eyes. The smooth texture makes it very easy to smudge to create an instant smokey eye effect. Kohl pencils; though not the most long-lasting of the lot are my most favorite when it comes to stick eyeliners. The most easy to use and very forgiving when it comes to perfect lines; Kohl pencils are the go to option when it comes to lining your upper as well as lower lash lines. Though the only con is that they need to be sharpened oh-so-frequently and ultimately cause a lot of product wastage.
Do try Lakme Absolute Kohl and Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Eyeliner in Black Noir.

Retractable or Mechanical Pencil Eyeliners
Mechanical eyeliners is what every girl thinks when she hears the word Eyeliner. True, Indian markets are chock-full of such eyeliners. And to be truthful, they are the most practical of the sorts and are very versatile. From playful cat-eye, to elegant winged liner; from straight bold lines to the gorgeous smokey eye; these pencils can help you achieve almost any style with just a few strokes of practice. And above all, no need to sharpen them; though this might be a con for some as they might have hygiene issues. Generally they are the most budget-friendly, after the traditional kajals, and come in an array of colors. So if you are just starting to play with those beautiful peepers, go for these little mechanical babies.
My THE favorites are Maybelline Colossal Kajal and MAC TechnaKohl Liner kajal in Graph 

Liquid eyeliner
Though the most unforgiving kind of eyeliner out there, it is THE best for the sultry, defined eyes we all adore. No it cannot be used for smokey eyes and is a dud for tightlining but still it is the best eyeliners to create wisp lines, sleek or thick, the choice is yours. These eyeliners are technically black pigment in a tube bottle with the brush attached to the lid. The brushes in the tubes are generally practical and easy to use; but these kinds of eyeliners need a steady hand as well as practice, practice and some more practice. But trust me, once you have perfected the art of liquid eyeliners, you will never turn back to even glance at any other type of eyeliners.
Take the plunge and splurge on Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner and Lakme Absolute Shine Line.

Felt-tip eyeliners
So finally, the make-up gods heard the cries of us shaky-hand girls, and sent an angel in the name of felt-tip eyeliners to help us achieve those sharply defined eyes without the hassle of liquid eyeliner. Ok, these eyeliners are basically a little transformed version of liquid eyeliners only, but with a lot more control. These adorable little babies look like sharpies and have felt-tips which can be used for both thin and thick lines depending on the way you hold he tip while creating them. If you intend to create thick lines, hold the tip in a slanting way and press it as close to the lash line as possible; and if you want to go for thinner flicks, hold the tip more perpendicularly to the eyes. These eyeliners are also known as art liners.
Undoubtedly, Maybelline Hyper sharp Eyeliner and the L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Instant Impact felt tip Liner are the best out there.

Gel or Cream Eyeliners
Gel eyeliners are the newest inventions in the field of eyeliners. They came and swept everyone off their feet. These eyeliners are nothing but black waxy or creamy pigments in a cute little tub and are generally meant to be applied using a brush. Though it also needs precision, it is still very easy to use; especially if you can get your hands on a good quality eyeliner brush. For those who love pure black, matte finishes on their eyes, these little babies would turn to be an absolute favorite. I personally use gel eyeliners and have never looked back since then. It even works on the lower lashes beautifully and is very easy for Smokey eye effect.
My First love is Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and though costly, MAC Fluid line is worth every penny.

So this is it, the 1o1 guide for eyeliners and my personal favorites.
Which of these eyeliners do you use the most often? J

By Ishleen

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