Sunday, November 15, 2015

You Are #MadeOfGreat:To Sir, With Love

Dear Sir,
Wherever you are, I know you are inspiring a lot of pupils like me. Almost 20 years back, when I first saw you, I saw an elegant old man wearing thick glasses and dressed in all white with hair as white as snow. I always liked Literature, and you came to make me understand the verses and phrases of my text book much deeper. My transition of love to worship for Literature flourished from that very day, when you made me realize the true meaning of knowing language and communicating the right way.

In between the discussions of text books and Poems, you often sighted examples from day to day life, which not only helped me in understanding of the subject, but also made me realize its importance in daily life. You are the person who made me realize that unless I know my vernacular well, I cannot proceed to know other languages, as no matter how adept we are in any other language, in our subconscious mind it is always the stream of vernaculars that run and form the thought process.

I still remember you always had your tea with dipped and soaked biscuits. I failed to understand why you soaked the biscuits so that it was almost in the verge of breaking. I regret that at that time neither I realized, nor I was in an age to understand the complexities of life. Now after so many years I know, Sir, it was the pain that you bore continuously in your throat that compelled you to take your food like that. And those pieces of biscuits and tea were the only proper food you were having, at those times of strong  chemotherapy sessions.

One day, you invited us for a musical evening. I went with my grandmother, and I was quite surprised to find you as a solo performer on stage. When you took the stage I was not sure, what to expect, but when you started the first note, the whole audience became silent. Your performance made everyone speechless and almost mesmerized for the next 45 minutes. It is hard to believe that a survivor of a deadly disease like throat cancer can have such an impeccable voice at the age of 70.

You became my inspiration, you became my hero from that day. I continued taking teachings from you till I completed my graduation. Today, after so many years I am glad to say that those 7 years, since my 9th standard to my graduation were the best time of my student life, under your guidance. And today, I ask your forgiveness, for not keeping in touch with you, for not knowing what you have been doing all these while. But in my heart I know Sir, you are there, always watching me and the thousands of students who you have guided. You will always be there, with us , for us, because people like you are made to live forever, people like you are #MadeOfGreat.

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