Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Blissful Body care Experience with Bliscent

Hey beautifuls, we, in Mumbai, do not face the extreme cold weather, but that does not mean that our skin will not get dry! And as my body skin is already quite dry, I always am extra careful to pick products that keep it hydrated. So here is a body care experience using Bliscent products that is helping me soften my dry skin.

First all, I scoop up some chunks of the Bliscent Coffee Body Polish on a bowl and apply all over my body massaging in circular movement. It is a typical dry powdery product with a bit of emollience to it. If you love your polishes to be a bit more like a paste you can add a bit of coconut or olive oil to it. I often mix a bit of coconut oil. It is an amazing product for dry skin. It smells of ground coffee, looks exactly like that and leaves you smelling like a hot mug of black coffee. It is priced at Rs.250 only and available in Strawberry variety.

You can leave your skin as it is if you do not suffer from dry skin, but I need to moisturize after my shower. So, I use the Bliscent Tropical Vanilla Body Mousse. This almost smells like The Body Shop Sett Vanilla Body Butter, sweet and delicious. It is a very hydrating product, but not greasy. I guess it would be great even for oily skin as well. It is priced at Rs.200 only and available in Sparkling Berries variety.

So this is my blissful body care with Bliscent products. They have very selective and affordable bath and body care products. I am also using their Makeup remover which is very nice as well. 
If you want to check more products from Bliscent visit their website here.

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