Friday, December 11, 2015

Its Time to #DoYourHomeWork

These days, children are forced to enter a fiercely competitive world from a very tender age. We as parents do our best to get them prepared to face the tough and harsh world ahead. The new generation is smart enough to make decisions themselves. Gone are those days, when we had to oblige to what our parents wanted us to pursue. The new generation is more advanced, more cautious and much knowledgeable regarding the surroundings. They are aware of their desire and wisely zero down to what they want from life. And today they have innumerable options to choose from.

So, in this case what you can do is to support your children's aspirations and do your homework accordingly. How many of us know about the thousands of career prospects that lie ahead for your child? You may want your child to get into army but his dreams lies elsewhere, so shouldn't we as parents try to make his dream come true? It is our duty and it is the sole responsibility to bring up and help your child pursue his dreams. So, we also need to be prepared for that, mentally as well as financially. 

In this age of high cost of living, education has become one of the most expensive endeavours. However, the competitive atmosphere also requires thorough knowledge and guidance of a particular subject, which again proves very costly. But can we afford to back out? As responsible parents we have to give anything and everything to help our children make a mark.

For our aid, Axis Mutual Fund has come with a new thought, where children along with their parents were asked to paint their career goals separately. The results were quite amazing as in most cases the aspirations differed. No matter what career option your child has thought of, you need sufficient funds to sponsor that. So, it is high time that we keep our inhibitions to stereotype career options and plan for child’s future according to what he wishes to be and investing in Mutual Fund is one of the greatest options.
It becomes quite difficult to accept some unconventional choices, but what if he proves to be the best in it and make you proud one day? So, be liberal, accept the changes and better #DoYourHomeWork.

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