Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Juvena Herbals Gold AHA Glow Pack Review

There are face packs and there are face packs that really do what they are meant to do. Today I will be talking about Juvena Herbals Gold AHA Glow Pack.

About Juvena Herbals Gold AHA Glow Pack:
A unique combination of fruits, dry-fruits, herbs, enzymes, and essential oils, plums, oranges, sugarcane juice, magnesium mineral, seaweed, almond, cashew, ama-haldi, nutmeg, cardamoms, saffron, wheat germ oil, orange oil etc.

Price: Rs.150

Packaging: Juvena Herbals Gold AHA Glow Pack comes in a capsule shaped jar.It has an inner lid

Product: The pack is a greenish brown gel like paste with a herbal smell.

My experience: As I said, there are face packs that really do what they are meant to do and Juvena Herbals Gold AHA Glow Pack absolutely falls in this category. It is meant to give an iridescent glow and it does that. I like the simplicity of Juvena Herbals products, no fancy packaging, no artificial fragrance, but products that really work. The pack is easy to spread on the face. It has to be left for 15 minutes and should be removed. After that you can actually see a lovely glow to the face. It works best with the Juvena Herbals Gold Cleanser & Massage Cream.

Used once or twice a week, the Juvena Herbals Gold AHA Glow Pack is definitely going to give a flawless and spotless glow to your skin. With constant use the complexion will be much improved with less spots and freckles. The only issue is it may not suit very oily or acne prone skin. Those with normal to dry skin can use it for a better complexion.


Juvena Herbals Gold AHA Glow Pack is an absolutely incredible face pack for a glowing complexion with less imperfections and spots. I would strongly suggest this pack to those with normal to dry skin, specially for the dry season.

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