Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Shower Gel Review

Sometimes, during the cold season we may find our skin has turned extremely sensitive. Soaps or thick body washes may aggravate sensitivity but if we use a light shower gel during this time it can cause less irritation. Today I will be talking about such a light shower gel which is the Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Shower Gel.

About Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Shower Gel:
Sulphate-free mild body cleanser for all skin types. Free from SLES, Paraben and Petrochemicals, this gel is especially formulated to gently cleanse, moisturize and rejuvenate skin without stripping its natural oils. Highly fragrant with Rose essential oil, which has soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. Vegetable based Glycerin naturally hydrates and rejuvenated skin.

Price: Rs.675 for 230 ml

Packaging: The Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Shower Gel comes in a transparent rectangular plastic bottle with a metallic twist open cap.

Product: The shower gel is very runny and thin in consistency and is peachy pink in colour. It has a smell of rose oil.

My experience: Frankly I have used a lot of shower gels, but seldom have I seen such light consistency, that Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Shower Gel offers. It almost has a texture of a baby shampoo. It foams decently once poured on a loofah. A small amount is enough to cleanse your body. I like the simplicity of the packaging. I would have preferred a flip open cap though but metallic caps have their own charm. Also I would have preferred the smell to be not that oil- like, rather like fresh roses.

But the best qualities of the Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Shower Gel is that it is the most gentle shower gel that I have used. It does not make the skin dry at all, instead leaves it softer and smoother. It is a must have for this dry month to soothe dry skin and to reduce sensitivity.

1. SLES and Paraben free
2. With rose oil
3. Gives a soothing and calming effect
4. Good for dry and sensitive skin
5. Does not dry skin
6. Simple packaging
7. Very little amount is required
8. Gentle on the skin
9. Makes skin soft

1. The smell is a bit too oil-like
2. Those who like squeaky clean feelings may find the product too light


Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Shower Gel is a very gentle product to soothe dryness and sensitivity of skin during the winters. I love the way it gently cleanses my dry skin and I would love to recommend it to those who has issues of dryness.

To know more about Ma Earth Botanicals please check their website here

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