Monday, December 7, 2015

Miss Claire 11 Eyeshadow Palette No.2 Review Swatches

Hey beautifuls, today I will be showing you an affordable palette from Miss Claire. It is the Palette no.2.

Price: Rs. 230

Packaging: The eyeshadow palette comes in a white cardboard packaging. Inside the palette is a white box with 11 gorgeous shades, 2 dual-ended applicators & an attached compact mirror.

My take:There are 11 colours in the palette, 5 in cool shades and 6 in warm ones. The shades are a mix of pigmented and flaky ones. Some are really hard to work with.

Starting from the left :

Shade 1: It is a bright pink shade which is decently pigmented
Shade 2: It is a bright orange shade which is flaky and not that pigmented
Shade 3: It is a copper brown shade which is not at all pigmented
Shade 4: It is a Bronze shade again moderately pigmented
Shade 5: It is a beautiful deep plum shade with good pigmentation
Shade 6: It is a chocolate brown shade with no pigmentation

Shade 7: It is a sea green shade which is quite pigmented
Shade 8: It is a light blue shade with the best pigmentation
Shade 9: It is an Indigo blue shade with less pigmentation
Shade 10: It is an emerald green shade with moderate pigmentation
Shade 11: It is a charcoal shade which had good pigmentation

The shades are all pearlescant with very light shimmer. Overall the shades are decent in quality, some are really difficult to work, but along with a primer or base colour the shades look nice.

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