Monday, December 14, 2015

SoSilk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo Review

Hey beautifuls, my hair has not been troubling so much as it used to do before, thanks to my current hair care routine. The new addition to my hair care is SoSilk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo.

About SoSilk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo:
SoSilk Shampoo is a cream shampoo with Soya Milk Protein. Designed for allhair types, SoSilk Shampoo is special in many ways, mainly owing to its soya milk protein formula. Proteins are very much a part of hair, they are much needed nutrients for good health, particularly for the hair. What can be a better shampoo than SoSilk which is fully loaded with caring effects of soya milk protein? SoSilk shampoo nourishes your hair and makes them strong & healthy. Recommended for its beneficial effect on weak and brittle hair, soya milk protein not only improves tensile strength of hair, but also removes impurities off the hair. Soya milk protein is a rich source of amino acids, antioxidants and omega-3-fatty acids. This cocktail of known hair nutrients, in SoSilk, leaves your hair strong enough to defend themselves from free radicals and sun rays. If you are also looking for a shampoo for smooth, soft, shiny & healthy looking locks; just go for SoSilk. Make it your first choice for getting strong, lustrous & healthier hair, because soya milk protein makes this shampoo a unique product in its genre.

Price: Re. 1 for 6 ml sachet

Packaging: SoSilk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo comes in only 6 ml yellow sachets.

Product: The shampoo is quite creamy and silky white in colour with a nice smell.

My experience: I am more of a shampoo bottle lover, however since SoSilk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo comes in sachet only packaging, it is much easy to use while travelling. I quite like the creamy consistency, which when massaged on wet hair, turns quite foamy. The fragrance is light and not overpowering. It thoroughly cleanses the scalp. The most interesting part of the shampoo is the soya milk protein content. It will be an incredible pick for vegans.

Since each sachet of SoSilk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo has 6 ml of product, 2 sachets will be required to clean long hair thoroughly. Personally for my shoulder length fine hair, 1 sachet is enough. I like how nourished and soft my hair feels. Since it is creamy, it actually is great to tame unruly hair. I can see the hair looks very shiny and the scalp gets quite fresh. I can see that the flakiness is gone. It does not impact much on hair fall, but of late I am not suffering from that much hair fall, as I used to do.

1. Soya Milk Protein
2. Easy to carry for sachet packaging
3. Creamy consistency
4. Nourishes hair 
5. Frees scalp from flakiness
6. Smells nice and light
7. Softens the hair
8. Great to tame unruly hair

1. Available only in sachet
2. Availability is an issue
3. May not be effective on severe hair fall


SoSilk Soya Milk Protein Shampoo is a decent scalp cleanser that nourishes the hair and makes eh strand softer and smoother. It is actually a great product to use during winters to control dryness and flakes.

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