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The Perfect Winter Skin Care Regime With Tatha From Vedic Collection!

Hello sweeties! So winters are finally here—that too in their full glory! Especially for us cold souls (pun intended) residing in Delhi and mostly the whole of north India, the winters are chilly and drying—trust me when I say this, excessively drying! And dry, parched looking skin never is a good sign, and a good session of skin-pampering never hurt. But why do we need to take out special time for a special love-thy-skin session when we can get the desired results by just switching a few products of our daily use?
Confused much, dig in to know more!

How To Get Nourished Looking Skin Which Looks and Feels Healthy?
So we all know the basics of skin cleansing—cleansing, toning and moisturising daily! And adding on the goodness of using a facial scrub and soothing mask once or maximum twice in a week! But this winter, we at beauty and beyond decided to go au natural with our skin care and switched to the products provided to us at the Vedic Collection Bloggers meet held in New Delhi!

My Skin Care Regime
To start off with the cleansing regime, I generally used a lathering face wash and used to love the results it yielded, till the time I got my hand on this purely organic face wash tub!

Tatha Face Wash (Almond)
Curated with the luxuriant goodness of Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Almond oil, Almonds and Honey, the tatha almond face wash is the first step to a skin care regime which yields a glowing skin with regular usage!

I could actually feel almond peel on my face, and though it does not lather but it does give a very smooth and cool feeling on the skin. Yes, it does have a slightly cooling effect but nothing too stingy or of that sorts!
Apply a small amount to moist face and neck and spread evenly. Massage gently using a circular motion. Rinse off and pat dry. I personally love the feeling it leaves my skin with!

Tatha Face Scrub (normal)
After the Face wash comes the need to exfoliate (once or twice a week) and for that I tried the Tatha normal face scrub which is made with a blend of Avena Sativa, Prunus Amygdalus Var. Dalcus, Apis Mellifera, Prunus Amygdalus Var.

The scrub is dry and powdery and perhaps needs to be mixed with water in order to activate it. It does a good job at exfoliation and if I am not wrong, I could feel grounded almonds in this scrub as well which of course, is bound to give a nice exfoliated yet nourished feel to the skin. No, it is not abrasive—brownie points for that!
Gently massage this scrub with fingertips on wet face and neck, concentrating on nose, forehead and chin. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes. I use it once a week, and it is more than enough to yield the results I desire—and I do have problematic skin!

Tatha Clay Mask (normal)
The last thing in my weekly pampering session which I wrap it up all with is a good soothing mask which feels smooth on the skin and leaves my skin feeling supple and polished! And this clay mask from the tatha line is a match made in heaven for me and my poor skin needs.
This super-awesome clay mask in powder form is infused with the goodness of Rosa Damascena Essential oil and the purity of White Clay.

Smooth over face avoiding the delicate skin around the eye area. Relax and allow it to dry for 10 minutes. Splash off with warm water and pat face dry. Use once or twice a week! And because it is in powder form, it is so much more mess free—take some of it on your palm and either add a few drops of water onto the palm and smooth the mask all over your face or take the powder and smooth it all over your wet face! The best part is that it dries up in 10 minutes—only 10 minutes girls! No more binge watching your favourite soaps while having to wait for the mask to get tacky—leave alone dry! So 10 minutes it is and you are left behind with the best skin of your entire existence! J

Tatha Rose Serum
On a Daily basis I add up a nice serum—nowadays going with the Rose Serum, again from the Tatha collection! 

And guys, though not the best out there in the market—but for the fragrance and the light weight texture which seeps right in with one blending motion on the face—this serum made me a fan! And as I said, man oh man, it smells heavenly! <3

So tatha provided us with two moisturising variants—one a lightweight day time moisturiser, while the other being a heavy-duty night time moisturiser

Tatha Day Cream—this white coloured, extremely light weight cream is so luxuriantly blendable and goes right into your skin. The best part, it does not weigh down the skin even the tiniest bit and is not at all oily.

Tatha Night Cream—is a yellowish waxy kind of a potion, not exactly a cream but butter. It is more like an oily potion which looks very heavy and oily when applied but does not feel so! It makes your skin feel so supple and waking up after having let your skin seep in the benefits over night is the best feeling in the world. Even in this drying weather I do not wake up to stretchy cheeks, which is bliss!

So here we go with the perfect skincare regime for this dry winter season without having to go too out of the way! All you need is the right blend of products and you are good to go!

Which of these products have you used or plan to use? Do let us know in the comments below!

 By Ishleen

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