Monday, January 11, 2016

8 Game Changing Beauty Tricks

A few years back I did not know anything about makeup. I cannot pride myself in saying that I know A to Z of it now. I watch a lot of Youtube videos and try to get some simple things that can actually accentuate your makeup game. Recently, I have been getting some positive feedback of my makeup looks, whenever I have posted pictures or whenever I don it at events. So, for the past 3 months or so, I have brought changes to  a few things, very simple ones that has actually proved to be surprisingly game-changing for me.

1. Soap free cleanser: So, I used to have combination-oily skin, but in 2014, I suffered from severe allergic reaction from a medicine and after that my skin has become quite dry. From October this year, I decided to go for cleansers that are soap free. And believe me it has been of real help. I do not suffer from aggressive acne issues or very severe skin problems, but frankly after this change my skin does not feel dry. Waterline Cleansing Jelly is the one I would recommend.

2. Oil based moisturizer: No matter what I use in the day time, I do not skip using an oil based moisturizer during night. Essential oils are best when it comes to nourishment of the skin and I try to use some thing that is emollient. I would recommend the Juvena Herbals Gold Massage Cream/Argan Oil.

3. Brightening eye gels/creams: Again for this I would look for something made of natural resources. I have seen products like milk, saffron etc are natural brighteners. Aroma Essential Eye Corrector is superb to rejuvenate tired eyes.

4. Highlighting Concealers: If you do not suffer from major darkness and spots a highlighting concealer is enough to do the trick. I always apply one with a concealer brush for healthy look. Personally, I love the Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer and the YSL Touche Eclat.

5. Face brushes: Earlier, I always applied my foundation with fingers. But after I started using a brush, things have changed completely. Flawless coverage, even distribution, natural dewy glow- these are the things a brush can give you. I have 3 brushes to apply foundation, a flat brush from Faces Cosmetics, a Basic face brush from an unknown brand(RT dupe) & a Real Technique Stippling Brush. Whenever I feel my pores are visible I use the stippling brush.

6. Radiant Blush: Blush can be your best friend when you want to give a healthy glow to your appearance. A pink/coral based cheek colour can be ideal. If you are looking for a basic healthy glow, you can opt for matte blushes like Maybelline Cheeky glow. However, if you are looking for illuminating effect, I would suggest something like the Sivanna Baked Blush

7. Shimmery Shadows: A touch of rose gold, or mauve with some shimmer on your eyes can change your entire look. I love shades that are pink, berry, lavender with some gold shimmers. They can be great for Indian complexion. Frankly a single shade can bring out magic if chosen wisely. Try for the one that is most flattering for you. For me the Elizabeth Arden shadow in Gold Orchid has been the best so far. I also like the Miss Claire Single eye shadows.

8. Volumising mascara: I am not blessed with the best lashes. I always require a mascara that lengthens the appearance of my lashes. I blindly trust Maybelline mascaras for this.

You might be wondering why I have not mentioned anything regarding lip products! Frankly, I have tried every possible colour (except brown). No matter what lipstick I put if these 8 basic steps are taken care of I think it looks good. These are the tricks I am incorporating in my makeup, and it is working great for me. However, as I said, I am no makeup expert and I keep on learning and taking inputs from others to try to make my makeup better.

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