Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Anherb Natural Milk & Honey Face Wash Review

Hey beautifuls, how is the new year treating you all? The year end has been great for me, but this winter my skin had been acting quite dry. I have moved to skin care products that are meant to be for dry skin. Today I will be talking about Anherb Natural Milk & Honey Face Wash which is for normal to dry skin.

About Anherb Natural Milk & Honey Face Wash:
A gentle yet powerful combination of milk enzymes and honey.
Remove pollutants & microbes from skin.
Deep cleansing of the skin along with improve complexion.
Make skin smooth and rehydrated.

Price: Rs.79 for 50ml Available here

Packaging: Anherb Natural Milk & Honey Face Wash comes in a white tube with a maroon flip open cap.

Product: The face wash is creamy yellow in colour and has a nice floral smell.

My experience: Anherb Natural Milk & Honey Face Wash is a very creamy face wash. It foams quite well. The smell is good but may be quite strong for sensitive nose. The face wash cleans well and leaves the skin soft. It does not leave the skin dry and patchy. I like the soft effect on the skin, specially because my skin has been behaving quite dry. 

Anherb Natural Milk & Honey Face Wash is really very soft for the skin. It removes impurities without stripping away natural oil. It has been very helpful for me for the dry winters. However, those who have oily and acne prone skin may not find it that useful. Also, as I said the smell can be quite strong for some. Rest I feel it is very good for dry skin.

1.Gentle on the skin
2.Cleans the skin
3.Foams well
4.Does not dry skin
5.Leaves skin soft
6.Very good for dry skin
7.Travel friendly packaging

1.Strong smell


Anherb Natural Milk & Honey Face Wash is a nice cleanser which does a good job on dry skin. I will strongly recommend it for those who are looking for a gentle foaming face wash for dry skin.

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