Thursday, January 14, 2016

Biobloom Age Defying Serum Review

Hello beautifuls, I am sure everyone of you here follow a CTM routine on a daily basis. I have been doing that for ages, but for the past 5-6 years there is another important part that I have included in my daily regime and that is of treatment. This step comes after toning and before moisturizer and can be done with a concentrated item to address specific issues of skin. Often a serum is used for this. Today I will be talking about Biobloom Age Defying Serum which I have been using for some time now.

About Biobloom Age Defying Serum:
Biobloom's Age Defying Serum is enriched with Vitamin C and Whey Protein. This Anti Ageing Serum from Biobloom contains the natural active Milk Peptide (Whey Protein) & liquorice root extract. This serum helps lighten and remove fine wrinkles, brightens skin tone and tightens the skin.

Price: Rs.549 Available here

Packaging: The Biobloom Age Defying Serum comes in a transparent bottle with golden border and a golden push. There is a pump dispenser.

Product: The serum is a light blue coloured thick gel with an aquatic fragrance.

My Experience: As a gel, the Biobloom Age Defying Serum is quite thick. It appears very nice and smells really good. First I would share the things I love about the serum. Definitely the smell and also the nice packaging are brownie points. I also love the fact that no matter how thick the gel is it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. It leaves the skin smooth. I have been using the serum before my night time moisturizer and it has worked great to make the skin's texture even. The pores appear quite smaller and I can see even if I am not using any foundation, BB Cream or any glow enhancer, the areas like cheeks, forehead and nose looks quite glowing, naturally That is something very rare. 

I have a little darkness around my mouth but after I had started using the Biobloom Age Defying Serum I feel it is much better and my complexion is much brighter. It is not oily or greasy, neither it leaves the skin dry. I guess it can be used on any type of skin ( not sure about acne prone). The face looks much youthful. I would be travelling abroad within a few months for sometime. I am sure I am going to take this in my skincare kitty along with my some other skin care essentials. But there is something that I would want them to modify, and that is the pump dispenser. The gel is so thick that the pump dispenser cannot pump out any product. It is absolutely of no use. They can either come in a jar and provide a spatula or change the texture of the gel. As it is quite difficult to thump the bottle upside down on the palm to get the product. 

1.Paraben & petrochemical free
2.Cruelty free
3.Gel texture
4.Gets absorbed quickly into the skin
5.Smooths skin 
6.Imparts a natural glow with daily use
7.Evens skin tone
8.Smells nice
9.Packaging looks cute
10.Can be used on both dry and oily skin
11.Strong anti-aging benefits
12. Not very pricey

1.Pump dispenser is of no use as the product is too thick


Biobloom Age Defying Serum is an excellent anti-aging serum to combat first signs of ageing. I would recommend it strongly to anyone who is looking for a good serum with anti-aging effects without digging deep into your pockets.

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