Sunday, January 10, 2016

Going Retro with Studiowest

Hey beautifuls, It has been a while that I have done any new looks. Recently I got some Studiowest goodies and thought of creating a look with those. The colours are deep berries and maroons and somehow reminded me of the 80s trend.

The products that I have used for the look are Studiowest Maaya Crystal Eye Shadow in Goldmine, Studiowest Maaya Radiance Blush in Plum Shine and Studiowest Maaya Irresistible Lipstick in Orchid Shimmer.

I have used the Studiowest Maaya eyeshadow palette in a different shade before and even the Radiance blush in another gorgeous shade. You can read it here. But this lipstick is new. This lipstick reminds me so much of the 80's, where heroines like Rekha and Jaya Prada used to wear deep shimmery shades like these. I tried to create that kind of a look here.

Hope you liked my look with the Stodiowest makeup products. Frankly, Studiowest is one of the best affordable makeup brands in India. I love their makeup products. I have not used the foundations and eyeliners till now but would definitely love to. Let me know if any of you have used and if I can go for those.

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