Thursday, January 7, 2016

How We were Inspired to #OwnThose5Days by Whisper

We as women, have to go through a lot in our daily lives. One of the most important part of being a woman is going through the menstrual cycle every month, it is annoying, it is painful but it is the most necessary physiological cycle of a woman's life. However, since the time we get our periods, the most common stigmas that gets associated with our cycle is not to visit temple, not to touch the pickle and not to play with the boys. As a child I have always wondered, are these taboos carry any truth or these are just some ideas to get us shelled inside an invisible cocoon. Last Saturday, Whisper India conducted an event with voices and opinions about some myths related to periods.

The Whispers #OwnThose5Days was conducted at St.Regis Mumbai with many Mumbai based female bloggers. The dress code of the day was white and green. The event started at around 12 and we were cheered by the very enigmatic host for the day, Aditi Mittal, who introduced us to the agenda of the event and also shared some of her personal experiences of people's general notion about the monthly cycle. This sounded funny, but when experienced by any individual may not be so.

The day was brightened by the entry of the gorgeous and talented actress Kalki Koechlin. The beautiful lady, dressed in a white and green ensemble, shared her story of being subjected to differentiation during her cycles and in general how a woman is treated while menstruating.

Then on the panel, the presence of Gynaecologist, Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, cleared the most common myths that menstruation has been associated with. She said that it is important to maintain hygiene during those 5 days, but at the same time, taboos like no physical exercise or no pickles, are just misconception. A person can actually do any kind of physical exercise during those 5 days, provided she is taking the right kind of sanitary protection.

Whisper R & D expert, Chetan Kotyalkar highlighted on the importance of a good sanitary wear and how it is more efficient in taking care of those 5 days. He proved his part by engaging the bloggers to a live demonstration of the new Whisper Ultra. The points that were shown were:
  • More absorption for long hours
  • Better dryness for clean feeling
  • Faster absorption for sudden heavy flow
  • Better comfort with soft top sheet
  • Better odour lock

The event was very interactive and  really gave us the true face of the myths, taboos and misconception regarding menstruation and also made us aware to accept and not to be ashamed of our periods.

We bleed, we lead!! We #OwnThose5Days!! If you want to #OwnThose5Days too, try the new Whisper Ultra here for your free sample.

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