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Maybelline Colorsensational Pink Alert Lipstick in POW 4 Review and Swatches!

Hello pretty ladies!I know its been quite some time since I made time to write for the blog, but I have been so busy with my college reopening and all the fancy events I am being asked to attend for Delhi! Check out all the fun we have on our Instagram and Snapchat handles! Anyhow, Jhilmil mam has been pampering me so much with gorgeous makeup products these days that I have literally started thinking of myself as a baby and her as a toy-maker! Love you mam! :*Today what I have in store for you guys is the Maybelline Colorsensational Pink Alert lipstick in the shade POW 4! So do I like it? Do I hate it? Or do I love it? Let us find out!

What Maybelline has to say?

Amp up your lips in the hottest pink

In 4 bright pink shades

Passionate pink color only from our vivid color pigments

Creamier feel only from our nourishing honey nectar       

Price: INR 375 (which makes it really affordable and the second cheapest after the Maybelline color show range) Available here

My take on Maybelline Pink Alert POW 4!

Why I like it?

The first thing which attracted me to this lipstick was the packaging—so pink, so chic, so girly and so fun! Plus, it is super sturdy and has a colour coded base! Though identifying one POW from the other ain’t a simple task! But I somehow love the packaging and do not mind to go through the hassle of distinguishing my POW 2 from my POW 4!

The second thing which I can proudly say that I love about this lip product is the shade! Oh man, is it the most stunning shade off coral pink for Indian skins which is also very wearable? Somehow I cannot make out if it is more cool toned or neutral but it is not a warm shade and this makes it so much more appealing! It just brightens up the whole look! And it is definitely bright, but not too bold and certainly very wearable! College girls will love it!

Even the texture of the lipstick is super creamy and it goes on very smooth on the lips! The pigmentation again is bang on and two swipes give the most opaque coral pink you can see on your lips! Though highly pigmented lips may find it a bit troublesome to camouflage the patchiness with it, but for someone with slight imperfections—POW 4 does the job very well!

About the staying power, I cannot say that I love it, nor do I hate it! It stayed on me for a good 4 hours but I just wanted it to stay a bit longer! I mean agreed it is not matte nor a long-wearing formula but I like my lipsticks to stay put!

Why I dislike it?

The lipstick did not wear off evenly—it started getting patchy after 3.5 hours and it does stain a lot! I mean if you love the feeling of your lips not being left bare after the lipstick has worn off then you most probably will like it, but not me!

And it highlights the problem areas of the lips if the lips are not exfoliated and moisturised in advance! I mean I tried it on flaky lips and it was the worst thing I could have ever done! So not at all a forgiving lip product!

And it does bleed—just the teeny tiny bit! But it does so better use a lipstick sealant or a lip liner underneath! And I prefer to make the glossy effect that it has to mattify using the powder atop a single layer of tissue and set it down to a semi matte finish! If you know what I mean!

 So that is pretty much it! I cannot say I love it, but yes it did fair pretty well for me! Maybe it is the fact that I have so many pinks now, that it did not stand up to my expectations or what, but yes, the formula could have been better!

Would I recommend?

If you want a nice bright yet wearable coral pink lipstick which gives a glossy effect to lips—go grab it!

Rating: 4.3/5

 By Ishleen

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