Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper Pencil Review and Swatches!

Hello beautiful!How is the New Year treating you gorgeous ladies? Talking about the new year, if you’ve read the post on my makeup wish list for 2016, you know how crazy I was going over the latest brow pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills—and how said I was knowing that it would be too pricey and wouldn’t be easily available here in India? Well, Jhilmil mam saw my desperation for a good brow product and sent me across this really gorgeous brow pencil from Maybelline, which also happens to be a relatively new launch! And I am superr excitteeddd! 

So coming down to the actual review, I’ll begin by saying that if you have seen all those Instagram photos with the hashtags #browgamestrong, #browsonfleek and that kind of stuff and want those brows for you—do not even care to read the full review just go get it right away! Yes, as simple as that! For the rest of you, let us go into the details!

Product Details:
Name: Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper Pencil
Price: 245 INR Available here at discount
Quantity: Powder-0.5 grams and Pencil-0.11 grams
Shades Available: Grey and Brown

Packaging: Unlike regular brow pencils, this pencil does not come with a conventional spoolie-like end and instead has the pencil product on one end while the other has a sponge tip applicator which sits under a twist up lid! What I feel is that the twist-up mechanism is really efficient as it snarls out only the required amount of product and one twist is enough per brow! All in all, quite a handy little tube which is very travel friendly!

Texture: The pencil is really sleek though a tad bit dry, thus it does not cling on to the brow hair and easily imitates the natural brow hair! The dry texture of the pencil also complements the extremely thin pencil as if the pencil had been creamy it would have broken while usage and caused a lot of product wastage! Plus the powder is really high quality! It feels super smooth on the brows and also brows out harsh lines created through the pencil, if any! Although the chances of going overboard with this pencil is very rare as it looks really natural upon application.

Pigmentation: If there is one thing which a brow pencil should have—it is sheer pigmentation! It is very easy to go hay wire with a brow pencil and overdrawing can seem very tempting! But Maybelline has kept the beginners in mind while creating the brow pencil as it is so sheer which gives a very natural look to the brows and makes the brows look full and oh-so-fluffy! *love*

My Take on The Product: Finally the brow trend is catching up in India and thankfully, more companies are coming up with nice brow products and when trustworthy brands like Maybelline come up with such budget friendly brow pencil, we are all game for it! The shade range though less is workable for the Indian hair types as the brown one has very vivid warm undertones while the grey one is such a bang on match for the black-brow-hair types! The grey one is basically a very light shade of black and will match all you girls with naturally black brows to the T. But I personally believe that which shade you chose depends basically on your preferences and also on the type of hair you have plus your skin tone! So experiment, and for 245 bucks, you just cannot go wrong! The light handed pencil gives such a fluffy looking full brow that changes the whole cut of your face and makes you look ah-mazing! J

Budget friendly
Really sturdy pencil
Dry texture of the pencil suitable for filling the brows
Powder blurs out any harsh lines
Gives full looking brows
Very sheer pigmentation (which is a big pro)
Limited shades available

Final Verdict: Do I really need to say that? Go get it girls! :P

Rating: 4.9/5

By Ishleen

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