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Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Medium Pink Review, Swatches and FOTD!

Hello gorgeous!How is everyone doing? If you have been following me lately, you most probably know how much of a Maybelline freak i am being these days! And why shouldn't i act creepy with maybelline? It has been on a product launch spree, and the product range is insane! So here i have for you guys today, the maybelline fit me range blush in Medium Pink!
If you are aware of the Fit Me range's existence, you most probably also would be knowing that maybelline has come with three different shade ranges—light, medium and dark! But the blushes only come in medium range as of now! So, here I have the shade medium pink for you beauties!

Product Description:
Maybelline Fit me range has been created to fit and match your skin, Products which merge flawlessly into your skin. Maybelline says about this blush:
§  Blends easily and wears evenly.
§  Silky smooth texture.
§  Oil free.
§  Won’t clog pores.
§  Dermatologist tested.

Price and Quantity: 400 INR for 4.5 grams of product Available here

Packaging: Maybelline has some really nice blushes but I somehow never liked the packaging’s of any of them! I know they are cheap—but they are not only cheap price wise, but also packaging wise they look really cheap and flimsy! It comes in a rectangular see-through packaging with black outer casing, which, I believe will break if it falls even once! Inside the packaging are two compartments, one which has the product pan and the other has a brush applicator! Though the applicator is practically useless and leaves harsh lines on the face!

Shade and Texture: The shade medium pink is almost a cool toned pinkish-plummish shade with very vivid silver hued shimmer particles! It is practically loaded with shimmers but not once does it feel gritty on the cheeks! Upon swatching it on the hands, the shimmers are not that vivsible and the shade does not show up on the skin much! But the shimmers in the blush make it perfect for a highlighting powder! The texture is not at all chalky but is really smooth and would have blended well had it shown up on my skin! L

Pigmentation and Coverage: Was there any worse blush in case of pigmentation? I bet, not! I mean the name says Medium Pink, but it is the sheerest of the sheer blushes that I have ever seen or used! It does not swatch well, and I would have been grateful if the blush had shown up on my skin a bit more vividly! I mean, the shade looks so beautiful in the pan, but sadly it just doesn’t show up on my skin! This is really sad, but the pigmentation and coverage is almost null for this product!

Staying Power: Fortunately the shade is buildable to some extent and with say 9-11 attempts, the blush finally starts showing up and I have worn it atop my foundation and powder and it gave me an average staying power of 4 hours before I could see any significant fading!

-beautiful shade with silver shimmers
-very smooth in texture
-the shimmer is not at all gritty
-can be doubled up as a subtle highlighter
-stays put for 4 hours

-very sheer
-low on pigmentation
-will not suit medium-dark skin tones
-shows up only on very fair (almost pale) skin types
- flimsy packaging
-useless applicator

Will I recommend? If you want a blush from Maybelline, opt for the cheeky glow range instead!

Final Rating: 3/5

 By Ishleen

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