Friday, January 8, 2016

Moha Nail Care Cream Review

Hey beautifuls, did I tell you that my nails got majorly affected after a gel extension manicure? And now I have decided never to go for another in future. But then came the task of getting back my brittle and fragile nails in shape once again. I got the Moha Nail Care Cream just in time.

About Moha Nail Care Cream:
Discover shining, nourished nails with moha: nail care cream.
Formulated with natural ingredients like Flax seed and Almond oil, it softens cuticles, reduces brittleness and keeps your nails healthy.

Price:Rs. 148 for 100g Available here at 30% discount

Packaging: Moha Nail Care Cream comes in a cream coloured outer packaging with floral designs all over. The tube is also cream and has a flip open cap.

Product: The Nail Cream is thick and has a nice smell

My experience: The first thing that attracts anyone is the beautiful packaging of Moha Nail Care Cream. It looks like painted by some great artist. The fragrance is also nice. I like the thick texture. I have to do my household chores and my nails are very often subjected to remain wet for long time. As a result my hands get dried and nails also get affected. I wanted some cream that works from within and Moha Nail Care Cream exactly does the same. The thick cream melts in while coming in contact with the skin and hydrates the nails very well. I have been using the cream for 3 weeks now. Frankly I did not use it every day, which I should have. But how much ever I have used it, I simply loved the result. 

Moha Nail Care Cream nourishes the nails. With consistent use, the strength of the nails increased considerably. The nails that had been brittle for so long had been quite hardened and the fragility is quite revived. I wish I used it everyday without fail. I could have got much quicker and better results. It really works great to not only harden the nails but also provides shine to dull nails,

1.Cuelty free
2.Made with Flax seeds and almond oil
3.Strengthens nails
5.Gives back shine to dull nails
6.Best packaging
8.Rich texture
9.Smells good



Moha Nail Care Cream is an affordable alternative for any expensive hi-end nail creams that I have used before. It really works great to retain the nail's strength and hardness. I recommend it strongly to everyone who is looking for a nail cream.

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