Monday, January 11, 2016

Now We All can #OwnThose5Days

We wait for our monthly pays, monthly bills and our monthly periods that is the sole essence of being a woman. During these days, we need to maintain proper hygiene and care. So, it is highly important to use good quality sanitary pads during this time.

We women nowadays, have to lead a very active life that includes going out for work, attending meetings, parties, working out, travelling and so on. We have to be very careful to take good protection during our monthly cycles. As doctors have proven that monthly periods are normal, and we can actually do anything that we do in our daily lives. Yes, we can go to temples, we can work out, we can swim and we can eat our pickles too. But, what is required is a good and hygienic sanitary napkin that keep us dry for a long time. Gone are days, when women used cloths for this purpose. A disposable sanitary napkin, with good and efficient features is a must, and here is the newly launched Whisper Ultra Clean Pads for our rescue.

5 X Better Protection:
Whisper Ultra Clean Pads come with 5 times better protection than ordinary napkins.

1. Longer Lasting Absorption: The best advantage of Whisper Ultra Clean Pads is the longer lasting absorption that it offers. It is undoubtedly the best when it comes to absorption for a very long time.

2. Better Dryness: One of the most disturbing factors while menstruating is the uncomfortable wet feel all the time. Whisper Ultra Clean Pads gives us freedom from this issue and keep us dry for really long time.

3. Faster Absorption: Cotton pads or cloths need changing quite frequently, while Whisper Ultra Clean Pads make sure that the absorption is faster. It kind of soaks inside and keeps the surface drier.

4. Better Comfort by Softer Top Sheet: A unique feature of Whisper Ultra Clean Pad is the presence of the softer Top Sheet that gives long hours of comfort without itchiness and burning sensation.

5. Better Scent: A sanitary pad that smells good- how cool is that. Whisper Ultra Clean Pad is exactly the same thing that does not give any unpleasant odour, instead provides a fresh feel.

1000 suction whole in each pad makes the Whisper Ultra Clean pad absorb up to 100% wetness, without leakage from the ends. Each pad has Magic Gel Crystals that keep dryness intact for longest hours possible and odour lock system keeps fresh without any foul stench. The extra-long wings also ensure you are tension free for most of the time. This is the reason Whisper Ultra Clean pad make us #OwnThose5Days.

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