Saturday, January 9, 2016

Of Makeovers & Makeunders in Movies

Hollywood has time and again shown us actors who goes through major transformation to portray a character on screen. We have seen actors like Tom Hanks , Jared Leto and Mathew Macconoghey going through major changes in their physical and overall appearances, while a lot can be attributed to the makeup artists, you cannot ignore the major dedication of the stars here.

The ladies of Hollywood again, takes a mighty share of the cake when they go for total transformations for their roles. I have listed some beauties who were almost unrecognizable on screen for the sake of their roles.

1. Tilda Swinton: I do not think anyone can deny that this lady is the Mistress of Disguise. I see her in totally different Avatars in each film, nothing even close to being repetitive. Quite Magical!!

2. Charlize Theron: It can be quite heartening to see a beautiful lady getting in the shape of a "Monster" but she did that. And not once but she does that very often. 

3.Hilary Swank: She became a boxer, she became a transgender teen. How can we forget her in this list?

I just wanted to sum up 3, but there are many beauties who went in for major changes like Rooney Mara, Rene Zellweger and even Nicole Kidman. 

I was just wondering why dont we see this trend in Bollywood? There are few actors like Amir Khan and Kamal Hassan who has gone through transformations but I do not recollect any major female star who has actually done anything different for the roles, barring Priyanka Chopra. Its painful to see every female movie character always dolled up, no matter what the situation is or the character is. 

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