Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Organic Harvest Lip Balms in Shea & Green Apple:Dupe of EOS?

Hey beautifuls, hope you guys are doing great. I am doing marvelous, as I have been testing some really interesting things of late. One of the most interesting products that I have with me is the Organic Harvest Lip Balm. These cuties practically look like the Indian dupe(version) of the famous EOS lippies.

About Organic Harvest Lip Balms:
Moisturizing lip balms with goodness of fruits and vitamins. Helps to prevent dryness of lips. Comes in 4 delicious flavours of Green Apple, Pomegranate, Shea and Strawberry.

Price: Rs.149 Avalable here
Packaging and Description: Packaged in cute little round colourful jarm which is shaped like an egg, the lip balm comes in a roundish form and is in a cream white colour. It is not tinted.

My experience: I have 2 of the Organic Harvest Lip Balms, the Green Apple and the Shea. Both has similar kind of texture, very creamy. Apart from the "oh-so-pretty" packaging, the lip balms have irresistible fragrance. I just love how the Green Apple lip balm smells. It has a top layer of fruity flirt that gives in to a sweet nuttiness beneath, once you apply on the lips. The Shea lip balm is sweet and nutty. Now coming to the performance part, these are really creamy. I get chapped lips very easily and there is flakiness as well. So, first of all, the creamy lip balm gets rid of the flakiness and then moisturizes the lips with great intensity.

As the Organic Harvest Lip Balm smells great, once you apply it, the smell lasts for a really long time. The lips remain moisturized for a long time too. Another notable thing is, it does not give a lot of gloss or shine shine like other lip balms. It is not completely matte but gives a creamy feel to the lips. This gets absorbed into the lips and the lips remain hydrated for long. There are some concerns with the lip balm. It is very soft and buttery, so if handled roughly it can break quite easily. I Although I cannot say, it is totally like EOS in performance, but I cannot deny it is a very good lip balm.

1.Creamy texture
2.Very moisturizing
3.Cutest packaging
4.Nice fragrance
5.Keeps the lips hydrated for long
6.Gives a creamy coverage to the lips
7.Not greasy

1.Product is very buttery and can break easily.


Organic Harvest Lip Balms in Shea & Green Apple are surely valuable possession in our vanity. These are moisturizing, buttery and improves the condition of the lips quite effectively. If you are a fan of EOS packaging, you dont need to go abroad now!!

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