Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tattva Refreshing Jasmine and Peach Soap Review

Hey beautifuls, I am back with another soap today. You must be knowing by now that I am a big fan of floral fragrances. Today I am going to talk about the Tattva Refreshing Jasmine and Peach Soap.

About Tattva Refreshing Jasmine and Peach Soap:
A delightful combination of fruit and flower. Wake up to the exotic heady fragrance of jasmine and soak in the subtle notes of this gentle, luscious glycerin soap.

Price: Rs.150 Available here

Packaging: Tattva Refreshing Jasmine and Peach Soap comes in a plastic wrapper packaging.

Product: The soap is rectangular in shape and comes in a dual toned body with a translucent peachy pink top and an opaque off white bottom. It smells as a mix of jasmine and peach, but more towards the jasmine.

My experience: The first thing that anyone will notice in Tattva Refreshing Jasmine and Peach Soap is how pretty it looks. Then of course is the fragrance. Since I love floral fragrances I simply love the fresh feel of it. However, it may not be very soothing for those who have a taste for milder smells. It foams decently and after bath smells as fresh flowers throughout the day.

I love the way Tattva Refreshing Jasmine and Peach Soap cleans my skin without being dry. It softens the skin and makes it fresh. The smell stays for a very long time. So, if you are using a lotion, try to use something that does not have a strong smell. And also, for very dry skin like mine, I guess it is better used during summers for a fresh floral feel throughout the day.

1.Cruelty free
2.No harmful chemicals
3.Smells like jasmine
4.Keeps fresh for a long time
5.Prevents body odour
6.Foams well
7.Makes skin soft
8.Best for summers

1.May be a bit drying for too dry skin


Tattva Refreshing Jasmine and Peach Soap is a truly refreshing bar that smells exclusively of jasmine flowers and gives a energetic fell throughout the day. A must have for summers.

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