Sunday, January 10, 2016

#SpreadTheVibe with Womanhoood

I am supposed to write an inspirational story today, a story that has inspired me the most last year. And I am going to write a story, a story that tells about me, a story that tells about every woman. Yes I am going to pen down my thoughts and my inspiration about womanhood that has seen a whole new revolution in the year 2015.

There were stories of women being fearless and showing their period stains or even running a marathon without using a tampon while menstruating. Not even going into if it is moral or immoral, right or wrong, I just want to salute the bravery these women have executed, to something that has been subjected as a taboo for so long. A revolution has always started with some bloodshed. Unless and until a change is being initiated with extreme measures, it is not considered. And these women just dared to be the torch bearers. As a result, we now do not feel ashamed of the process and cage ourselves within the four walls.

Then there were stories of women who were fearless to breastfeed in public. Starting from celebrity moms to commoners, women around the globe went ahead and started feeding their kids in public. There has been lot of harassment and let-downs as well, but these women did not deviate from their way and stuck to their will.

And there were women who spoke about their rights to equal wage without any inhibition. Women are still subjected to getting lesser pays than their male counterparts professionally. Be it a daily laborer's wage or the pay of a major movie star, women always falls far behind. Female actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Kangna Ranaut and Deepika had the courage to raise their voice against this.

So for me it is the rising power of womanhood which has itself made it into the biggest source of inspiration for me last year. Let us keep this spirit going and let us #SpreadTheVibe and cheer for womanhood.

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