Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Trip to Hotel Gian Residency,where Luxury Meets Affordability!

Hello my beauties! How is everyone doing? If there is one thing which I feel proud of myself is my decision to start blogging! And why shouldn’t I be proud of myself, after all it opened so many new adventures for me! My latest visit to the luxuriously made Boutique Hotel, Hotel Gian Residency located in the wraps of the smooth paced life of Karnal!

So we were offered to come down to the hotel to pay the site a visit and review the gorgeous place for our readers, and the honest review makers we are, we took out our time to travel till Karnal, to let you guys know whether the place is worth a try or not! And guess what, Hotel Gian Residency got a 10/10 from us in terms of ambiance as well as food and hospitality!

How was the ambiance inside the hotel, and on what themes is it built?
First of all, the one thing which I loved was the fact that Mr. Ashrey Dhawan’s (who himself is the MD of the hotel) mother, an interior designer herself has designed the whole structure of the hotel! And the hotel is made in a way that the structure plays with light! I mean, due to constraint spaces the hotel (which was earlier a shopping complex) could not be transformed into a full blown Resort, but the way in which they have played with the sunlight and greenery, and an open front view rooms—the hotel gives the look of a spacious and airy resort kind of place! I mean the open gallery and loads and loads of greenery is what makes the place so special; which is indeed a respite in a place like Karnal!

Where did I stay and how were the rooms?
So we were allotted the super classy suite which was an amalgamation of both meeting room (with a full sofa set and two coffee tables), and bedroom with a cute mini bar, gorgeous wardrobe, coffee-tea maker, amazing bathroom and a well-lit dressing mirror! The suites as well as the super deluxe and deluxe rooms were a treat to look at—well-lit, ventilated and breezy with lots of room to it! Ashrey even let me have a sneak peak of the normal rooms—and even they were so far from being just normal! So in terms of rooms and their tariffs—Gian Residency is the way to go!


The food—could there be any better vegetarian food in Karnal?So initially I thought that a hotel serving just vegetarian food can be a big turn down for many tourists, but looking at the quality and freshness of the food, all my chicken Tikka cravings went down the drain! Being a hardcore non vegetarian, satiating me with vegetarian food is a task in itself, but the prompt service of the kitchen and the hotel staff, with huge portions and such affordable prices (even in a three star hotel), and not to forget the deliciously fresh dishes swept me off the floor completely! If you want to know the must tries of the place—go for their Achari Mushroom Tikka and the mouth watering Soya Chaap! Yum!

Is there more to Gian Residency—yes, there definitely is!
No hotel industry can work without a set of like-minded people who know how the hospitality sector runs! And Mr. Ashrey has done an excellent job in curating a team of members who know and do their job just about right! From the Manager Mr. Ajay, who comes all the way from Bangalore just to work in Gian Residency and a real gentleman to talk to; to the sweet all-rounder guy Mr. Shubhankar Dey (also coming from Banaglore along with the manager Mr. Ajay) know how to serve their guests and stay on the rounds 24/7 with a broad smile just in case a guest needs them or their services! Along with rooms, and a hospitable staff, the hotel also has two banquet halls, with two different themes! While one is a little more energetic and peppy, the other one is more laid back and has a soothing ambiance to it—creating options as per the guest’s mood and requirement!

Special Note: Being a pet lover himself, and a proud owner of a handsome Daschund and a cutesy Pomeranian, he has no apprehensions in letting small pets inside the premises until and unless the pets cause any disturbances to the other guests of the hotel! How cute is that! <3

So yes, the next time you are visiting Karnal on any context and need a space to go and spend the day or two—or even if you are looking out for a place to rent out for that big fat Indian wedding planned in Karnal—Hotel Gian Residency is the way to go! After all it is ranked 2nd on the charts—and we profess our love for the place very openly!

Rating- 5/5

By Ishleen

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