Tuesday, February 23, 2016


There is a popular saying, “When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade”, but there are certain times when the lemons go bad in a short time span that it is better to throw them away rather than waiting for a miracle to happen! Just like lemons, problems are always uncalled for and come in at times when we expect them the least! So what do we do? Do we just sit back and wait for the situations to take their due course and destroy us and our happiness; or do we take charge and be prepared, for the best or for the worst? I guess I would choose the second option, undoubtedly!

Life can be hard, but that does not mean that we should feel inhibited by it! After all at the end of the day all that matters is you, your happiness and a sweet little smile on the lips of the people who matter to you, right? After a long tiring day at work, the first thought that comes to one’s mind is the family waiting at home and the happiness which they bring along! After all what can a common man think of apart from that? Our main aim is to live a life filled with peace and calm, and security! YES, SECURITY! And that is what Birla Sun Life insurance thinks too, and hence all the warmth and sense of safety they provide us with!
Mr. Naresh Parikh, a resident of New Delhi passed away last year in a grotesque car accident, leaving behind two gorgeous girls and a working wife, who luckily is an educated individual who cashed the potency to give a good life to her daughters, but still, the loss of a father and a husband can never be filled, can it? However strong a person may be, calamities can shake them to the core and had it not been for the supportive life insurance that Mr. Naresh had got for himself and his families, god knows what would have been made out of the situation! As if the loss of a person or even a disaster enough to stir the soul to the inner core, the lack of an insurance would only worsen things! Wouldn’t it?

I mean, just have a look at this picturesque little video which gives the message so quaintly, yet so loud and clear!

Had it not been for Birla Sun Life insurance there would have been plenty like Suraj who would have to substitute for their fathers and continue living the life they always wanted to escape! But Birla Sun Life Insurance gave Suraj a chance to shine, just like his name, a chance to shine bright like the SUN! And as the advertisement rightly says, the son of a PA can learn to give appointments rather than fix them for someone else, if only he is supported by adequate funds and sense of security, along with a little encouragement and the love of the close ones!

I do not know how many of you understand Hindi poetry, but I think that BIRLA SUN LIFE INSURANCE strongly believes in the following lies!

Jindagi ki asli udaan abhi baaki hai
Jindagi ke kai imtehan abhi baaki hai
Abhi to naapi hai mutthi bhar zamin
Abhi to sara aasman baaki hai…

Indeed, now is only the beginning, the real tests of life are yet to come, and what better way to make sure that you and your future remains secured than to trust Birla Sun Life Insurance with the duty! #KhudKoKarBuland
By Ishleen

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