Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cut a Niche with Neesh Perfumes

Fragrance speaks the loudest on a subliminal level- undoubtedly one of the best words spoken to describe the influence of fragrance in our lives. Personally, for me fragrances play a tremendous role to decide the mood I am in. Fragrances play an important part in uplifting of one's mood. Today I will be talking about Neesh Perfumes, a brand who has conceptualized to bottle ittar (Indian Perfume oils) in beautiful small pocket sized bottles. very unique indeed!!

About Neesh:
Since the genesis, NEESH has defined style and crafted jewellery of notable rarity and beauty. NEESH's passion and distinctive style has created the most fabulous jewellery and amazingly smelling well perfumes in the world. 

The Packaging:
Artistically crafted, each Neesh perfume comes in a outside cardboard packaging of different colours, and inside the perfume dispenser is rectangular in shape with the same colour and design as the outer packaging. Small and lightweight, the Neesh perfumes are truly pocket friendly. Frankly each piece appears to be an elegant artifact from the Mughal era. This impressive packaging and convenience in use makes Neesh Perfumes to mark a presence of their own in the fragrance world.

The Price: 
Priced at Rs.340 for 20 ml, Neesh Perfumes are suitably priced for the true fragrance connoisseur. Personally I love my perfumes and would love to try as many as possible, specially from the categories of floral, fruity and sweet/nutty ones. So, for someone like me experiencing a wide range of fragrances at a time will not shell out a hefty amount from our pockets, and still we will get the best quality. 

My Fragrances from Neesh: I have received 4 variants from their huge collection of 12 fragrances.

Belle -D-Oud: A tantalizing fragrance for a beautiful you… Wear it on your Wedding Day and feel uncompromising. The striking scent offers a modern composition that combines power of musk and dark amber, delicacy of honey and berries, expressing luminous floral facets and a sensual, magnetic resonance.

Personally, I am not a fan of musky notes, and although, blended subtly with a hint of fruity accords and a tiny bit of floral chords, Belle-D-Oud is an outburst of the musky elements. Somehow, I felt, this perfume will be suitable for men, and for those who have their hearts for strong musky scents.

Zaafran-E-Hindustan: The aromatic notes of Zaafran E Hindustan characterize the Man of Today as self-confident, knowledgeable and his nature to live in harmony with the natural world. Wear it to any celebration and make it memorable!Imbibing the characteristics of all things Indian, Zaafran E Hindustan by Neesh is a unique and organic fragrance. Its essential ingredients like musk, dark rose, pink rose and Iran saffron are exponentially exotic.

The infusion of rose essences is quite significant in Zaafran-E-Hindustan. Named aptly, this bottle houses the scents of India, in its true sense. You can get a subtle but noticeable delicate touch of exotic saffron from among the prominent rose notes. If I had to gift my husband anything I would certainly gift this beauty.

Oud-De-Venice: Oud De Venice is a fragrance designed for lovers as it has an intense and regal composition. Oud De Venice has a floral, spicy as cinnamon and a deep scent of amber which is absolutely aphrodisiacal and thoroughly aromatic.The perfect fragrance for a romantic evening, the Oud De Venice by Neesh is the best pick for anybody who appreciates subtlety.

A floral and spicy mix of aromas will definitely tickle the right senses if blended perfectly. Oud-De-Venice transports you to a romantic journey of beautiful notes, where a warm amber blankets you with a significant part played by a floral accord. The spicy elements give this scent a flirty feel. I am going to be a dedicated lover of this perfume now.

Amour-De-Oud: First day of college? Amour de Oud is the best choice for you. It will give you a fresh, clean and a profoundly smoky smell to create that first day impact. It has a striking balance of timeless musk and dark amber aromatic notes and resolutely innovative elements that liberate the senses, offering a singular statement of determination.Feel fresh and rejuvenated any time of the day with Neesh’s collection of Amour de Oud. It is a fragrance which defies convention.

When a blend of musk, amber, a bit of floral is woven in right proportion, there comes a perfume that is vibrant, energetic and refreshing, and that is Amour-de-Oud. This fragrance has an Oriental aura to it that is very prominent and will definitely stand out as a Statement scent!! Undoubtedly my favourite of the four.

Neesh perfumes are quite revolutionary in conceptualizing and capturing the perfect notes and packaging them in cute and artistic packages to carry around everywhere, without spending a fortune. I would like to give them a 4.75/5 rating, simply because it would be great for perfume lovers like mine if they can come up with 50 and 100 ml sizes. I have cut the niche with Neesh perfumes. If you want to experience a magical world of fragrances, please visit their website here

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