Saturday, February 20, 2016

Engaging Features of N-Gage App!!

Nowadays there are many messaging apps where you can connect to your relatives, friends and the world with chatting, calling feature, video call etc. You have to install many apps to use all these feature but you will not find app which gives all this feature in one place.

N-gage is the first 360 degree Lifestyle Chat App that lets you connect with people anytime, anywhere with text, call, video call etc. Message and Video Chat with your friends and family, no matter which social app or device they use, whenever you want, just from a single app!

Features of N-Gage:


It provides 5 ways to communicate with your loved once. It provides 1-to-1 chat where you can chat directly with each other, video and voice message where you can chat with video messages. It is very quick and easy way to communicate. Translate where you can chat with a friend in their language. It has over 45 global languages to translate from.Blink feature allow you to create a message,set a timer and send.You can send any type of media.You can set a timer for up to 60 seconds. Similar Schedule feature allows you to plan important messages in advance so that it will automatically send at the scheduled time. The Doodle Plus allows you to Add accessories, images, textured backgrounds, texts, badges and a lot more.


Enjoy complete privacy for your chats and media with n-gage privacy chats. The Safe feature allows you to send password protected messages. Scrambled feature make your chats illegible to people snooping on your phone. Here the Images get pixelated and chats get encoded. Also Extract allow you to pull back a single or all messages. You can extract media files too. Disable Screenshot Restrict users from taking screenshots of your conversation with them. Private Area keeps all your secret friends, groups and chats hidden. A four digit access pin is needed to enter. Move groups or 1-to-1 chats to Private Area. Stealth mode can hide yourself from unwanted people.


Bring all your friends and family together by creating different groups. You can create different threads for different conversations and add up to 300 contact in a single group.


Irritated of sending same message to your friends one by one??Broadcast feature allow you to messages to 50 contacts in one go. It is a separate section to help manage your chats better. You can easily spread the word to all your friends.


Why to waste money on recharge, Use n-gage for Video and voice calls anywhere in the world for free. It is peer-to-peer calling and more safe and reliable. It uses less data than VOIP. Also there is an amazing feature of group video chat where you can conduct conference calls with upto 10 participants.


You can personalize in more than 40 ways by editing the text, audio and image,
Video. You will find a Collection of unique and diverse range of animated stickers.


Whats of Personalizing and send a card to your loved one on special occasion.n-gage give you facility to personalise your cards to make your loved one feel like your own.Its a realistic experience of giving cards with envelopes.


You can revamp your chats with n-gage Makeovers. You can put a different theme for each friend, Change the entire colour scheme of the window and not just the wallpaper. Also you can change the theme at the receiver and senders end and distinctive pokes with sounds for each Makeover.

So what else you want than these?? It does not end here,you can also read article about Health, Lifestyle and Celebrity Gossip. Not only just read but you can Like, Share or Comment on the articles too.
So what are you waiting for, download the app now.

By Abhishek

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