Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ma Earth Botanicals Rejuvenating Body Balm Review

Now is the time when my dry skin has started behaving a little better. So, I am shifting towards lighter body lotions. Today I will be talking about Ma Earth Botanicals Rejuvenating Body Balm.

About Ma Earth Botanicals Rejuvenating Body Balm:
Enriched with skin-nourishing Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, which helps heal, hydrate and rejuvenate dry skin. Argan oil, deeply moisturizes and helps regenerate skin cells. Its rich texture absorbs deep into the skin, giving long lasting hydration through the day. Our special uplifting blend of Neroli and Frankinsence essential oils, lingers on, relieves stress and soothes the senses.

Price: Rs.675

Packaging: Ma Earth Botanicals Rejuvenating Body Balm comes in a simple transparent plastic bottle packaging with a metallic twist open cap.

Product: The balm is soft and moisturizing, white in colour with a soothing smell.

My experience: As I said, I wanted a body care product that is hydrating yet not that emollient like the winter care ones. Ma Earth Botanicals Rejuvenating Body Balm fits the criteria quite well. I like the creamy texture that instantly melts into the skin, leaving it soft and supple. The best part is it does not feel greasy to the bit. I like the woody aroma of the balm. It stays for a long time with you, but never irritates your olfactory senses.

Ma Earth Botanicals Rejuvenating Body Balm has the perfect texture that can treat any kind of skin. I like that it keeps the skin moisturized for really long time. There is a soothing and relieving feel to this balm, that is very unique. Who does not like superior hydration and a hint of aromatherapy blended together? This body balm is really relaxing.

1.Lightweight balm
2.Cruelty free
3.Relaxing smell
4.Keeps skin hydrated for long
5.Soft and smooth skin

2.May not be enough for very dry and dehydrated skin


Ma Earth Botanicals Rejuvenating Body Balm is a very good hydrating product for the sin which is lightweight and gives a soothing and relaxing feel.

To know more about Ma Earth Botanicals you can check their website here

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