Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mr. Bean Mandarin Coffee Bean Scrub Review

Issues related to winter skin is common to everyone- dry and flaky skin. But God created man to find out solution to all problems, and Mr. Bean has found out a solution for this problem as well!! Mr. Bean Mandarin Coffee Bean Scrub is the antidote to dry and dull skin.

About Mr. Bean Mandarin Coffee Bean Scrub:
Organic Coffee Scrub with Robusta Coffee Beans, Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, Demerara Sugar, Organic Cacao and Vitamin E oil.I’m tough enough to improve your skins imperfections, yet leaving you feeling softer and smoother than ever

Price: $17.95
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Packaging: Mr. Bean Mandarin Coffee Bean Scrub comes in a black coloured plastic packet with very bold white font. The packet has a locking system.

Product: The scrub is a grainy powder, brown in colour with a lovely smell of coffee and mandarin

My experience: Well well, who does not get excited by the smell of coffee? And if it has a blend of juicy mandarin, what more can you ask for? Mr. Bean Mandarin Coffee Bean Scrub has the perfect balance of every ingredient your dull and dry skin looks for. made out of Robusta coffee beans, sea salt and organic coconut oil. So this complete skin food exfoliates the skin and leaves it softer and suppler. Due to the presence of coconut oil , it hydrates the skin very well, so you do not actually need to moisturize, post rinsing.

Mr. Bean Mandarin Coffee Bean Scrub gives the most wonderful feel to your skin, as if it has been freshly pampered in a spa. A bi-weekly use of the scrub, gives an even toned complexion, healing dry patches, and flakiness on dry areas. It also helps to improve the skin tone by toning down darkness and pigmentation to a good extent. I am really enjoying this scrub to every bit. However, I would prefer to use it as a body scrub only as for face it may be a little harsh.

1.Made out of fresh ingredients
2.Exfoliates skin
3.Nourishes the skin
4.Keeps skin hydrated
5.Smells amazing
6.Heals dryness
7.Evens out skin tone
8.Works on pigmentation and tan to a great extent

1.May be a little harsh for the face


Mr. Bean Mandarin Coffee Bean Scrub has become one of my favourite body scrubs of all time. I will definitely recommend it for everyone who is in need of a good body scrub. It is a bit expensive but believe me it is worth every penny.

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