Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nelf USA 6 Musketeers Eye Shadow Palette in 02 Review, Swatches and EOTD

Hello beautifuls, so today I am back with another eye shadow palette and it is the Nelf USA 6 Musketeers Eye Shadow Palette in 02.

Nelf USA 6 Musketeers Eye Shadow Palette:
You have the same taste as your Idol? Don’t be afraid to have the same look anymore, Nelf’s Six Musketeers Eye Shadow Palette will make you unique! This Eye shadow palette has everything you need for a complete eye look: applicator, mirror and six complementing shadows that will intensify and enhance your eye color. Create a look as individual as you are.

Price: Rs.425
Packaging: Nelf USA 6 Musketeers Eye Shadow Palette in 02 comes in a pretty pink outer cardboard packaging. The palette is also pink in colour and has the same design as that of the outer packaging. It is opened by a magnetic flap.Inside there are 6 shadows, an applicator and a small but good quality mirror. There are pictures and guidelines of 4 different looks.

My Experience: Nelf USA 6 Musketeers Eye Shadow Palette in 02 is a palette consisting mostly of really bright and pop shades. I have already reviewed the palette no. 4 which also has the same design but comes in black. I love their packaging and the fact that they provide guidelines for the usage. The colours of the palette are more of pop ones, barring a gold and a silver. Personally I am not that fond of these kind of palettes. I would anytime pick the palette no.4. However, lets look into the shades. Starting from top left there is a silver, a hot pink, a gold, an indigo, a plum and an orange. I like gold and silver all the time, and here also its not an exception. The silver could have been a little more pigmented. It takes time to sow on the skin. The best pigmented are the hot pink and Plum shades. The gold is also good. The orange one looks a very bright shade in the palette but once on skin it gives a coppery tone, which I personally prefer. The blue again is a bit flaky. They could have made 2 shades matte for more versatility. 

Nelf USA 6 Musketeers Eye Shadow Palette in 02 is a good palette specially for those who love pop and bright shades. It is not for lovers of neutral colours. If you are an experimental person and want to play with shades, it is something for you. Given the price, I would suggest it to those who are learning to do various eye looks. 

Nelf Usa 6 Musketeers has 4 variants. Most of them are more on the bright and pop shades. The palette no.4 is my favourite and recently I am using it the most for my looks. To know more about Nelf USA visit their website here.

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