Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sheon One-Step Makeup Foundation Review!

Hello beauties!How is everyone doing? It has been raining events here in Delhi, and I, Ishleen, your humble product tester, make it a point to test and analyze as vast as a range of products for you guys to enjoy! So keeping in flow with my sense of responsibility towards you guys, here we go with another review of a foundation from a drugstore brand named Sheon, which is off-late available only online!So here we go with the tried and tested reviews!

What Does Sheon Says?
According to Sheon,The Makeup Foundation is “Oil free with long lasting effect for professional makeup artists”. With an advance emollient system to hydrate and moisturize the skin, a unique collection of foundation and powder is specially created to match your skin tone with skin soothing ingredients.

Ingredients: Aqua, Steareth 21, Vitamin E, Natural Extracts, Approved Colors, Perfumes, Iron Oxide and Preservatives

Price and Qauntity: 150 INR for 50 ml (which is a huge quantity)

The foundation comes in a really cheap looking purple colored tube packaging! Though it looks cheap because of the material and everything, the tube is quite traveling friendly and also easy to use and very hygienic! It has a screw top lid which fits snuggly and does not open on its own, so it is safe to travel with! I just wish they used better quality tubes!

Most probably than not, this foundation comes in a single shade! Or maybe I am wrong, but I received a PR sample of the same and I was not asked for the shade but this shade somewhat matches my skin tone! So it is I guess a BB cream kind of thing which adjusts to the skin tone, you know the kinds which oxidize and get customized according to your specific skin tone!

Texture and Consistency
As I said, the foundation is more like a BB cream thing, and the same goes for the consistency of the product! The foundation is neither very thick nor liquidy—more like a cream base which blends into the skin really well without feeling too heavy on the skin! Although one down-side to the product is that you cannot layer it as it would look excessively cakey and fake!

As for the coverage, it has a very sheer to medium coverage and does not do very well in this department! Like if you are on the lookout for just a slight dewy glow to the skin, you can opt for this foundation for daily use! But in case you need something which gives more coverage and hides your blemishes and spots, nah, this ain’t going to work for you! And as I said building the coverage up is no option as it would look very obviously made-up!

Staying Power
For 150 bucks I did not expect this product to last for much longer on my skin, and Sheon One Step Foundation does prove me right! When powdered with a compact foundation, this stays put for a good 4 hours after which it starts looking darker and not very attractive on my skin!

Rating 3/5

Do I recommend?
If you are in need for some cheap daily wear foundation which gives sheer to no coverage, you can always try Sheon One Step Makeup Foundation! But of you want something more fresh looking and long staying, you can skip this and get such better products in the market at the same price!

By Ishleen

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