Sunday, February 21, 2016

Tattva Rose Honey Face & Body Wash Review

Have you ever experienced a shower with rose petals? Well I have, with the Tattva Rose Honey Face & Body Wash.

About Tattva Rose Honey Face & Body Wash:
This fragrant body wash will add the freshness of rose petals to your everyday bath. The honey and rose combination works wonderfully to give you a clean yet non drying shower each day. Keep smelling like a rose long after you step out of your bath.

Price: Rs.375 Available here
Packaging: Tattva Rose Honey Face & Body Wash  comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a white flip open cap.

Product: The wash is light pink in colour with a smooth flowing texture and a lovely smell of rose petals

My experience: I like the simple and lightweight packaging of the Tattva Rose Honey Face & Body Wash. The consistency is light and does not stick thick to the loofah or the skin. The smell is of rose with the sweetness of honey-a perfect blend. The best thing about the wash is it is so gentle that it can be used on body and face too. It cleans the skin, leaves the skin fresh and soft, while smelling amazing.

Tattva Rose Honey Face & Body Wash is that kind of product you would love to use regularly in the morning, to keep yourself fresh throughout the day. It can be used on any kind of skin. The skin is left soft and hydrated. Frankly I do not find any flaws in the body wash.

Rating: 5/5

Tattva Rose Honey Face & Body Wash is simply a wonderful body care product that cleanses, hydrates and leaves the skin fresh and smelling like rose petals.

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