Thursday, March 31, 2016

Aster Luxury Chocolate Bathing Bar Review

Hey beautifuls, I am back after a long break. Today, I will be talking about a handmade soap that has recently caught my fancy. It is the Aster Luxury Chocolate Bathing Bar.

About Aster Luxury Chocolate Bathing Bar:
A natural soap enriched with chocolate pampers your skin naturally. This soap deeply cleanses and moisturise the skin and makes it soft, fresh and glowing. It has beautiful essence of chocolate that relives stress. Our natural handmade soaps crafted carefully to cleanse skin impurities. This soap doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like parabens and sulphates that listless the skin. It comes in 125g size. Benefits of Chocolate Soap Make skin soft & smooth. Good for sensitive skin. Fragrance stays last longer.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Answer To All Your Hair Desires—!

I know, the title may sound and seem a bit bland to you, and yes the name definitely has no connect to hair and anything hair related whatsoever, but wait till you just visit their website once! Man, did I get a major drool attack right then and there?

Being a Sikh woman, I never got an opportunity to trim my hair or get any sort of fancy haircuts and styles—and no, I do not regret not being able to cut my hair, as my hair are my identity as a SIKH and I take pride in it. But I would admit that no matter what, even I have had my weak moments which made me want to get exquisitely designed hair, and that is when hair extensions, clip ons and wigs come in to play. And this is what the team behind are pros at—delivering just what you crave!

So basically, is a web portal which sells all sorts of hair related stuff—be it fully fledged wigs, like those which are multipurpose, and can be used for both beauty purposes as well as medical cases; or slim but exquisite hair extensions or grungy hair clip ons, the ones which are so popular with college girls these days— has it all, and no, there is nothing basic about their collection.

Awakening The Spirits With "Sense Of Spirits"!

- By Ishleen

Restaurant Reviewing is becoming a passion for me with each culinary experience that I have at each of the tasting tables. And not everyday we get to visit places which make us want to re-visit the place, time and again!

One such extravagant experience that I managed to score was at the new entrant in the Sector 29 market of Gurgaon--the "Sense of Spirits" lounge which has the potency to arouse both your senses and your spirits!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Take the Right Bite with RiteBite Max Protein 7 Grains Protein Snacks

Who can deny the love for spicy snacks? However, our health concerns often restrict us to indulge in snacking. So, for us , lovers of the perfect snacking times, RiteBite brings the Max Protein 7 Grains Protein Snacks.

About RiteBite Max Protein 7 Grains Protein Snacks

GREAT TASTING 7 GRAIN PROTEIN SNACKS RiteBite Max Protein is an extruded non-fried and non-baked (Hot Air Puffed), a great tasting, multi-grain, high protein savoury snack. It has 3x more protein than Corn Chips (Nachos) & 3x less fat than fried namkeen. GUILT FREE SNACK ! When we are hungry, the very thing that comes to our mind is having quick snack bites. We all love to have chips or namkeen snack, knowing fully well that it contains 30% to 35% fat, low in protein and hardly have any fiber. Our taste buds are satisfied but the unhealthy guilt feeling lingers... But now you have a choice.

Price: Rs. 40 for 45 g.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Nature's Co. #MeditationKit Contest

Hey beautifuls, my life has become so hectic off late, after the little angel has come, and I can realize how important it is to take out a Me-time. Often this me time can be utilized in meditation, which is the best source of self-healing. So, we have come up with the #MeditationKit contest sponsored by The Nature's Co. where one of you can win a The Nature's Co. Meditation kit.

Rules for the #MeditationKit contest:
1. Follow The Nature's Co. & us on Facebook
2. Follow The Nature's Co. & us on Instagram
3. Follow The Nature's Co. & us on Twitter
4. Write on the comments section below, " Why meditation is important?" with #MeditationKit
5.Tag TNC on your answers
6. Double your chance of winning by sharing this ith your friends

Contest starts today and ends on 14th April.
Contest open for Indian residents only.

Current Apple Candy Wishlist from!

Hello my gorgeous readers! Extended weekends are always fun, aren’t they? But long weekends, especially those where I have nothing to do, make me go on drool-sprees! And one such drool-attack spree came my way this Holi weekend when I came across this very convenient online shopping portal,, which had everything from perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, shoes, bags, clothes and what not! And how do you expect me to not get a mini drool-attack (no, they are not fatal :P), and as always, take it on myself to make you guys aware of all that this cute little web-portal has to offer.

And trust me guys, I am the last person on this earth who would ever give in to my temptations to shop online but this website’s outlook is such that I just could not help add dozens of products in my wish list. And like any other responsible blogger, here am I bringing to you guys what I loved the most out of all the products the website had on sale!

So I’ll be going categorically, starting from perfumes, going to makeup, accessories and then bags! So stay glued for a drool worthy wish list post you cuties!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Niapads- Facial Cleansing Pads For Acne Relief Review!

Niapads- Facial Cleansing Pads For Acne Relief Review!

-By Ishleen Kaur

Hello sweeties!
No matter how much makeup we put on to feel confident and good about ourselves, somewhere deep inside we all crave for a flawless skin which does not need any coverage in order to look perfect. Isn't it? Be it those dark circles, or those tiny balckheads or those pesky acne (pimples), we all hate them and want our skin to be smooth af!
I have been bothered with acne outbreaks since early teenage years and they haven't bid me farewell till date. And when in such worst case scenarios some product shows a ray of hope to me, I am all game to test it out.

So these Niapads are basically a USA based company and it promises to give relief from the most stubborn of acne. It retails for 2350 INR and you get a ton loads of pads in it. 

A Good Morning with Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash & Skin Lotion

A good morning is marked by a great weather, fresh mind and of course fresh and flawless skin. It is very important to wash and moisturize your face in the morning. Morning shows the day, so if you start your morning with a fresh and supple skin, you will show less signs of fatigue, throughout the day. Recently I have been following a morning skin regime to keep me fresh the whole day. And I just follow 2 simple steps with Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Face Wash and Skin Lotion.

About Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Range:
Derived from fresh botanical extracts, the Biotique Morning Nectar range ensures gentle and tender care for the skin, to leave it flawless and supple.
What I use is the Face Wash and Skin Lotion.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fall In Love With Your Lips With The VLCC Lovable Lips Lip Balms!


Fall In Love With Your Lips With The VLCC Lovable Lips Lip Balms!

-By Ishleen Kaur

Hello munchkins!
So the winters are finally over, but that does not have to mean that your lips no more need the love and care they had been receiving all these months. So keeping in mind that our lips still need to look and feel lovable even in the scorching heat, today we have a range of pretty affordable lip balms, which smell gorgeous, feel luxurious and are bang on quality for the price.

So here is the detailed review of these lovelies.
Price: Rs. 125/- for 4.5g.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Octyl methoxy cinnamate, Performalene PL & Benzophenone 3

What does VLCC have to say:
A lip balm infused with the goodness of jojoba oil that dresses and caresses your pout in one sweep to make it luscious,lovely and lovable. Jojoba oil is one of the richest natural conditioners that the tropical forests have to offer. It has numerous beauty benefits and is perhaps the best known plant-based lip hydrator and soother. Jojoba oil heals chapped lips and seeps in to restore moisture and texture from within leading to smooth & supple lips. With Vitamin E, nourishing Almond oil and SPF, VLCC brings to you a range of sun-safe pout perfectors in many pretty hues.

This Year #KhulKeKheloHoli

Holi hai! These two words bring the spirit of fun among Indians. Even visitors from abroad come to India to get a feel of this unique festival of colours.Now it is almost time to experience the colourful day. Now India has to shout out loudly #Khulkekheloholi!  Everyone, from every age group love to play Holi. But due to modern day busy schedule, many unfortunate individuals cannot really enjoy Holi . And a lot of us, even are scared to get our hair and skin damaged. But personally I do not have any inhibitions as I have Parachute Advansed for my rescue. Since childhood I have been enjoying this festival with my family and friends. During Holi I try to have endless fun and care nothing about the world.

On one such occasion of Holi, something happened that had made the day very special for me. A day prior to Holi,  I had a programme at the evening which is called “Basanta Utsab”. There some dance, songs and dance dramas was performed related with “Basanta”. After that I played holi  with my friends wearing saree for first time. That was very exciting for me. There was no water and dirty colour. We played dry, safe and colourful holi. The next day that was more memorable for me as I found my most beloved elder cousin standing after getting up from bed and my face was already coloured. I jumped up and both of us went out of the house to spread the fun. But alas! There were none of them. I felt very sad and decided to go back to the house, when suddenly my dress got wet from the back. I could hear the sound of laughter. I turned back and was amazed by another splash. Actually those are the “gulaals” and blast of the colour of “Pichkaris”.

Monday, March 21, 2016

10 tips to crack AIPMT 2016

AIPMT is no doubt one of the toughest entrance exams in India. Every year thousands of students appear for the exam, which is conducted to award seats in Medical and Dental colleges in trough out the country. If you are one of the candidates for AIPMT entrance exam 2016 then we have some cool tips for you. Using these tips and tricks you can prepare for this highly competitive exam and crack it like a pro.

Here are 10 tips that you can follow to crack AIPMT 2016:

1. Study Smart: Do not study hard, instead study smart! Like most other competitive exams, with years AIPMT has become tougher. To crack it hard work is not enough. Employ smart study techniques such as adaptive learning where you can learn byte size information at one go and once you are pro at it, then only proceed to the next level. This way you’ll learn much more in a shorter period of time.

2. Make a schedule and stick to it: Time management is vital for success in any competitive exam. AIPMT entrance exam 2016 is no exception. So, prepare a study schedule and more importantly stick to it. More often than not, students end up making an impractical schedule with no room for recreational activities or down time. Thus, it becomes tough to stick to it for more than a few days. Make your schedule flexible enough to accommodate fun activities or emergency situations.

3. Utilise unproductive time: There are a number of theories to memories and equations to remember. However, don’t waste valuable study time repeating these theories and equations. Rather utilise your unproductive time, such as commutation time or while you are standing in a line. Get these theories downloaded on your smart phone or jot them down on a piece of paper, and you can easily revise them while commuting to your classes or waiting for bus.

4. Complete knowledge of the curriculum: Complete knowledge of the curriculum is essential to plan and prepare for the exam. You can get the same from the official website of AIPMT. Make sure to take a look at the curriculum before you start your preparations.

5. Go through previous years questions: Previous years’ questions papers are a great way to understand question patterns. AIPMT does not feature straight forward questions. Thus understanding the question patterns is very important for success. You can get last 10 years question papers from the AIPMT official website.

6. Mock Tests: Taking regular mock tests is essential to access you progress. If you are attending a coaching centre then you’ll find them conducting mock tests on regular basis. You can do the same at your home too. There are numerous online resources available today. Simply download some mock test papers and test yourself. This way you’ll be able to detect your weak areas and prepare accordingly.

7. Visual learning: Instead of studying from regular text books, include some visual learning tools in your schedule. You can include videos, flashcards, graphs and charts in your studies. This way studying will become fun and you’ll remember the lessons for longer time. You can find a lot of these visual learning materials online.

8. Group study: If you have a friend or a class mate who is also preparing for AIPMT entrance exam 2016 then group study can be an excellent idea. This way your studies will become interactive and you’ll retain the knowledge for longer. You can also take the mock tests together encourage healthy competition.

9. Focused studying: Despite what you may think, human brains are not programmed to multi-task. So, while you are studying focus only and only on your lessons. Doing something else at the same time will only divert your attention and you’ll take longer time to grasp a concept and memorise it. Keep your study area organised and make sure you have as little interference as possible during your study sessions. This way your mind will focus better and retain most of the information it is receiving.

10. Take adequate rest: Last but not the least, do not over-exert yourself. A fatigued brain cannot function properly and thus cannot remember what you are studying. Make sure to get at least 7 hours sleep a day to keep yourself healthy and alert.

So, these are the top 10 tips for cracking AIPMT entrance exam 2016. Use these in your daily lessons and you’ll find AIPMT to be ‘not so tough after all’.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sattvik Organics Anti Marks Treatment Kit & Serum Review

Hello beautifuls, I am back after a really long time. I am not sure how many of you re following me on Snapchat, but I updated the reason why I am MIA all of a sudden....catch me @jhilmildsaha on Snapchat. Anyway, so recently I have been trying the Sattvik Organics Anti Marks Treatment Kit & Serum and thought of sharing my view with you all.

About Sattvik Organics Anti Marks Treatment Kit & Serum:
This is a breakthrough formula to remove marks and scars of all kinds and repair damaged tissues to give you a flawless complexion. The added aroma oils in this treatment kit improve skin texture, boost skin renewal & hydration. With regular usage, it restores cell vitality and leaves your skin looking younger & firmer.

Price: Rs. 1499 Available at 34% discount here

This is an ancient magical secret to significantly reduce the prevalence of pigmentation, blemishes, freckles & patchiness. It is also extremely effective in removing stretch marks. This herbal serum penetrates deep into the affected skin layers and repairs the damaged tissues from within. It restores natural skin complexion by matching the epithelial pigments.

Price: Rs. 299 Available at 10% discount here

Ethicare Remedies #CloserToYourself Contest

Ethicare Remedies has been a part of our daily lives for a while now. Their innovation, superior quality and affordability have made them one of the most sought after brands in India today. Let's join our hands together to applause Ethicare Remedies on their journey. 

Here is the corporate video from the company and along with it the #CloserToYourself contest.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pinks Eva's Delicate Pink Review and Swatches!

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Exclusive Pinks Eva's Delicate Pink Review and Swatches!

-By Ishleen

Since the time L'Oreal came up with its latest Color Riche Collection of Exclusive Pink's, the whole beauty blogging has been going bat-shit crazy to swatch and review them. But we being the patient reviewers, we knew that we needed some time to get into the minutest details and bring in front of you an actual analysis of the Exclusive Pink's shade Eva's Delicate Pink.

So is the lipstick worth all the hype? Read more to know all about it.

Price: Rs 995

What L'Oreal has to say?
Dress your lips with delicate shades of pink. Our most sophisticated pink lipsticks in a velvet matte finish. Tailored for every woman. Our Velvet Pink lipsticks have never been more sophisticated.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick In Rose Symphony Review and Swatches!

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick In Rose Symphony Review and Swatches!

-By Ishleen Kaur

Hello lovelies!
How is every one doing? If you know anything of me, by now you know what a sucker I am for Pink lip products, and when people send me across such gorgeous lippies for review purposes I feel on the top of the world. So today is all about this gorgeous little tube of liquid lipstick from the house of L'Oreal!

So this baby retails for 950 bucks, which if you ask me is a bit costly for just a gloss but for the quality it has, it is worth all the big bucks. and it is easily available across all Loreal counters as well as online on Nykaa and Amazon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Clarins Launches Its Tri-Whitening Serum In India!

Clarins Launches Its Tri-Whitening Serum In India!

-By Ishleen Kaur

Hello munchkins!
How many of you girlies love high end skin care products and are in the forever outlook for a new launch which you can drool over, even if you cannot afford to buy it? I am screaming “Me, me, me!” from the other side of the screen right now, I swear I am! But there always come some dream fulfilling moments in every girls life which just make your life so meaningful.

So one such wish-fulfilling moment came in my life when Clarins hoisted an eventful evening with wine, cheese and top notch beauty bloggers to launch its latest gem from their White-Plus collection collection—the White Plus Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Ethicare Vizigly Transparent Bathing Bar Review!

Ethicare Vizigly Transparent Bathing Bar Review!

-By Ishleen 

Hello sweeties!
The weather has been so welcoming these days here in delhi, but sadly this pleasantness will soon turn to the typical scorching summer months! And seriously, all i care for in summers is a good refreshing bath! And when at times such promising bathing bars come to my rescue i welcome them with open arms!
So as you have guessed from the title, today is all about a transparent bathing bar which has wooed me over completely!

Price and quantity: INR 63 for 75 grams!

So coming to the details, the soap comes in a nice shimmery turquoise blue outer packaging! Inside the cardboard packaging lies the round shaped soap which is securely wrapped in a clear polythene bag! Very hygienic packaging!
The soap in itself is a transparent bathing bar which if you ask me looks really cute!

Now coming to my experience with Vizigly bathing bar, let me make one thing clear--I outright fell in love with it since the moment i used it for the first time ever! To start with, it smells divine--very refreshing and soothing for the summer months! Remember how the dettol's blue soaps smell so refreshingly cool? This soap is quite similar to that one! Good job you did here Ethicare!

So how does it fare as a bathing bar? Firstly, the soap lathers really well and also spreads on easily, unlike some other bathing bars which just stick to the body and make it all gross!
Secondly, it does not feel sticky after rinsing, i mean it rinses off well without leaving any residue on the skin, and makes the skin feel rejuvenated!

Lastly, it does not dissolve much! I have seen soaps which literally start melting iff within first two uses and that is such a no no for me! So this bar fares well in this compartment as well!

So what are you waiting for my girls? Summers are crouching up your door and now is the perfect time to get this  cute little baby home! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel Review!

Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel Review!

-By Ishleen
Hello sweeties!
Summers are finally seeping in, and it is time to get our hands upon some of the best face washes available in India! Especially if you are a sweaty pig like me, you know the struggle to keep the skin looking bright and fresh is real! So for all tbhose of you who are on an everlasting search for a decent face wash which will actually make your skin feel refreshed during summers, your search might just have ended when you stumbled upon this post! *wink-wink*

Price: INR 490 for 100 ml (I know it is a bit pricey, but if you are into high end face washes you can  obviously give it a try)

Packaging: packaging wise it is a very basic clear, squeezy tube like thing with a flip open cap! The packaging looks green because of the clear kind of material and the product inside being green! Very handy and convenient to carry along!

Tattva Dark Chocolate Lip Balm Review!

Tattva Dark Chocolate Lip Balm Review!

-By Ishleen Kaur

Lip balms and chocolates are most probably than not my most favourite things the whole wide world. Just the name “Dark Chocolate Lip Balm” got me craving for my big bar of Amul Dark chocolate and I had to dig into the cutest little jar of the lipbalm to experience the luxurious feeling of the balm on my lips.

Though the lip balm says it is a dark chocolate variant but it smells more like coconuts. Nothing chocolaty in it though. But, it is any case it is pleasant smelling which makes the absence of chocolaty scent acceptable!

Talking of facts, this tub of lip balm from Tattva retails for 175 bucks for a huge 9 grams of product which actually makes it way cheaper than all the Nivea and the Maybelling lip balms because of the whopping quantity. The lip balm comes in a very cute tub with a clean plastic casing and the details written sticker wrapped around the periphery of the tub.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Most Innovative Launch This Women's Day--The Seasoul Cosmetics Fruit Mask Making Machine!

The Most Innovative Launch This Women's Day--The Seasoul Cosmetics Fruit Mask Making Machine!

-By Ishleen Kaur
Hello dearies!
Women's day is just round the corner, and brands have been constantly getting out their latest launches in the name of the upcoming day irrespective of the launch being even remotely related to the day itself or not! So when in such rat-race situations, if there come up brands which actually think about the women in us, and try to bring out products which actually give us the freedom to chose and decide our type of products, it is but obvious that we need to bring it to your notice!

When was the last time you went to the market in search of a specifically natural, organic mask for your particular skin type; and despite of being spoilt for choices you never got the feels for any of those lurking through the cosmetic shelves? Yes, that is something which happens often with me, and in such cases I always used to desire to create a mask for myself with the kind of products I want for the time being, and be sorted! Maybe Seasoul Cosmeceuticals' founder Manisha Chopra was thinking just about the same when she took the lunge into creating something for the modern women who still crave naturally made products which they can actually customise! Talk about freedom!

Makeup Revolution London Essential Day To Night Redemption Palette Review and Swatches!

Makeup Revolution London Essential Day To Night Redemption Palette Review and Swatches!

-By Ishleen Kaur

Hello my beauties!
How is everyone doing? I k now it has been quite some time since I last posted something for you guys, but really, now I have a ton loads of posts lined up for you and I will try to let all across as soon as possible! I promise!

Indi wallet