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10 tips to crack AIPMT 2016

AIPMT is no doubt one of the toughest entrance exams in India. Every year thousands of students appear for the exam, which is conducted to award seats in Medical and Dental colleges in trough out the country. If you are one of the candidates for AIPMT entrance exam 2016 then we have some cool tips for you. Using these tips and tricks you can prepare for this highly competitive exam and crack it like a pro.

Here are 10 tips that you can follow to crack AIPMT 2016:

1. Study Smart: Do not study hard, instead study smart! Like most other competitive exams, with years AIPMT has become tougher. To crack it hard work is not enough. Employ smart study techniques such as adaptive learning where you can learn byte size information at one go and once you are pro at it, then only proceed to the next level. This way you’ll learn much more in a shorter period of time.

2. Make a schedule and stick to it: Time management is vital for success in any competitive exam. AIPMT entrance exam 2016 is no exception. So, prepare a study schedule and more importantly stick to it. More often than not, students end up making an impractical schedule with no room for recreational activities or down time. Thus, it becomes tough to stick to it for more than a few days. Make your schedule flexible enough to accommodate fun activities or emergency situations.

3. Utilise unproductive time: There are a number of theories to memories and equations to remember. However, don’t waste valuable study time repeating these theories and equations. Rather utilise your unproductive time, such as commutation time or while you are standing in a line. Get these theories downloaded on your smart phone or jot them down on a piece of paper, and you can easily revise them while commuting to your classes or waiting for bus.

4. Complete knowledge of the curriculum: Complete knowledge of the curriculum is essential to plan and prepare for the exam. You can get the same from the official website of AIPMT. Make sure to take a look at the curriculum before you start your preparations.

5. Go through previous years questions: Previous years’ questions papers are a great way to understand question patterns. AIPMT does not feature straight forward questions. Thus understanding the question patterns is very important for success. You can get last 10 years question papers from the AIPMT official website.

6. Mock Tests: Taking regular mock tests is essential to access you progress. If you are attending a coaching centre then you’ll find them conducting mock tests on regular basis. You can do the same at your home too. There are numerous online resources available today. Simply download some mock test papers and test yourself. This way you’ll be able to detect your weak areas and prepare accordingly.

7. Visual learning: Instead of studying from regular text books, include some visual learning tools in your schedule. You can include videos, flashcards, graphs and charts in your studies. This way studying will become fun and you’ll remember the lessons for longer time. You can find a lot of these visual learning materials online.

8. Group study: If you have a friend or a class mate who is also preparing for AIPMT entrance exam 2016 then group study can be an excellent idea. This way your studies will become interactive and you’ll retain the knowledge for longer. You can also take the mock tests together encourage healthy competition.

9. Focused studying: Despite what you may think, human brains are not programmed to multi-task. So, while you are studying focus only and only on your lessons. Doing something else at the same time will only divert your attention and you’ll take longer time to grasp a concept and memorise it. Keep your study area organised and make sure you have as little interference as possible during your study sessions. This way your mind will focus better and retain most of the information it is receiving.

10. Take adequate rest: Last but not the least, do not over-exert yourself. A fatigued brain cannot function properly and thus cannot remember what you are studying. Make sure to get at least 7 hours sleep a day to keep yourself healthy and alert.

So, these are the top 10 tips for cracking AIPMT entrance exam 2016. Use these in your daily lessons and you’ll find AIPMT to be ‘not so tough after all’.

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