Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Awakening The Spirits With "Sense Of Spirits"!

- By Ishleen

Restaurant Reviewing is becoming a passion for me with each culinary experience that I have at each of the tasting tables. And not everyday we get to visit places which make us want to re-visit the place, time and again!

One such extravagant experience that I managed to score was at the new entrant in the Sector 29 market of Gurgaon--the "Sense of Spirits" lounge which has the potency to arouse both your senses and your spirits!

Situated just above the Warehouse cafe and surrounded by all kinds of hep places like Fork You, OTB and Molecule, this place stands a chance to compete against all un-conventional lounges on the basis of its sophisticated and interesting décor. No grunge, no rawness, no earthy feel--very tastefully done exquisite décor.

The management at the lounge claims itself to be the budding largest cocktail bar in the town with a range of over 110 types of drinks in their account. But as of now the place is still waiting for its liquor license and does not serve any cocktails or hard drinks and hence the claim "budding". But their mocktails, especially the Kiwi and Strawberry Slushie, the cucumber mojito and My Sweet babe (a sweet pomegranate infused drink) stole the show for me! Though the shakes were pretty average and I would suggest you skip them altogether. 

Undoubtedly, their starters were actually very appetising! Their appetisers are not called appetisers just for no reason. The tandoori jhinga (prawn), chilli fish, sangam kebabs and the mutton galouti were to die for. The galouti was the softest  I had ever had, and was a task to pick up from the plate and take it till the mouth without failing. We also tried the lebanese Mezze platter which for me was a first time, and I instantly knew I loved lebanese food. Mezze platter is a must try here!

Though I need to say that their starters are far better than their selection of main course. No, the main course are not bad, but pretty average portions with fancy names. Their chicken venacruza was basically blackened grilled chicken with spanish rice and a conventional creamy sauce. But the spanish rice were a dud, so was the pizza which was below average, but acceptable!

For me, a restaurant is judge on terms of its deserts. Be it their Basbousa, a traditional Egyptian coconut based dish, or their freshly prepared brownie, which was basically a fudge type of brownie base topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce--the deserts were to die for!

Overall, the place scores for its ambience, sophisticated decor and lightning, mocktails, starters and lip smacking deserts and these are enough for me to revisit the place! 

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