Saturday, March 26, 2016

Current Apple Candy Wishlist from!

Hello my gorgeous readers! Extended weekends are always fun, aren’t they? But long weekends, especially those where I have nothing to do, make me go on drool-sprees! And one such drool-attack spree came my way this Holi weekend when I came across this very convenient online shopping portal,, which had everything from perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, shoes, bags, clothes and what not! And how do you expect me to not get a mini drool-attack (no, they are not fatal :P), and as always, take it on myself to make you guys aware of all that this cute little web-portal has to offer.

And trust me guys, I am the last person on this earth who would ever give in to my temptations to shop online but this website’s outlook is such that I just could not help add dozens of products in my wish list. And like any other responsible blogger, here am I bringing to you guys what I loved the most out of all the products the website had on sale!

So I’ll be going categorically, starting from perfumes, going to makeup, accessories and then bags! So stay glued for a drool worthy wish list post you cuties!

1. Bumble Bee Fragrance for Women Inspired by HONEY by Marc and Jacobs

I love my standard fragrances and Honey by Marc and Jacobs is one such gem! But the catch here is the fact that the original bottle (the smallest size) retails for a whopping 72$ while this little baby retails at a wholesale price of 3$. Yes, it is that cheap! Plus the packaging, oh do not even get me started now!  Wholesale perfume at its best!!The little flowers studded on the top of the bottle remind me of the signature Daisy which is served at Delhi’s Niche-bar and bistro. Very cute!

2. Eye shadows and Matte nail polishes

Ok, sorry, I just could not choose one out of my makeup options! I loved their varied collection of matte nail polishes. The colours come in an array of brights to bolds to nudes, and are so very yummy. Coming to the shadows, the shades are so very classy, have a various lot of finishes from mattes to shimmery and metallic, and for the price are a complete steal. And the best part? Wholesale cosmetics cannot get better than this as everything is below 2 freaking dollars. Bayum!

3. Fashion Glitz Head Band

I don’t know how many of you know, but I have a thing for chic head bands. And if you don’t know what I am talking about, imagine Alia Bhatt from her latest song "Ladki beautiful kar gai chull" of the movie Kapoor and Sons, yes, those sort of girly yet vey chic head bands. And has just the right stuff to make me fall in love with.

4. Navy Diamond and Circle Grommet Purse

Clutches and Sling bags always win over huge handbags when it comes to me being all fancy and classy and shizz. And navy blue is a colour which indeed is very close to heart, I just feel more connected to things of that colour. So that being said, the bag has some really intricate Diamond and Circle shaped grommets which add to the detailing of the bag making it look fancy, yet not too formal or exquisite. Plus at 7.50$, I am all game baby!

And oh yes, did I mention that the site was a wholesale one, and also has some great discounts if you order in bulk? So what are you guys waiting for, go on and check the lovely online portal out!

By Ishleen

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