Monday, March 7, 2016

Ethicare Vizigly Transparent Bathing Bar Review!

Ethicare Vizigly Transparent Bathing Bar Review!

-By Ishleen 

Hello sweeties!
The weather has been so welcoming these days here in delhi, but sadly this pleasantness will soon turn to the typical scorching summer months! And seriously, all i care for in summers is a good refreshing bath! And when at times such promising bathing bars come to my rescue i welcome them with open arms!
So as you have guessed from the title, today is all about a transparent bathing bar which has wooed me over completely!

Price and quantity: INR 63 for 75 grams!

So coming to the details, the soap comes in a nice shimmery turquoise blue outer packaging! Inside the cardboard packaging lies the round shaped soap which is securely wrapped in a clear polythene bag! Very hygienic packaging!
The soap in itself is a transparent bathing bar which if you ask me looks really cute!

Now coming to my experience with Vizigly bathing bar, let me make one thing clear--I outright fell in love with it since the moment i used it for the first time ever! To start with, it smells divine--very refreshing and soothing for the summer months! Remember how the dettol's blue soaps smell so refreshingly cool? This soap is quite similar to that one! Good job you did here Ethicare!

So how does it fare as a bathing bar? Firstly, the soap lathers really well and also spreads on easily, unlike some other bathing bars which just stick to the body and make it all gross!
Secondly, it does not feel sticky after rinsing, i mean it rinses off well without leaving any residue on the skin, and makes the skin feel rejuvenated!

Lastly, it does not dissolve much! I have seen soaps which literally start melting iff within first two uses and that is such a no no for me! So this bar fares well in this compartment as well!

So what are you waiting for my girls? Summers are crouching up your door and now is the perfect time to get this  cute little baby home! :)

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