Thursday, March 24, 2016

Niapads- Facial Cleansing Pads For Acne Relief Review!

Niapads- Facial Cleansing Pads For Acne Relief Review!

-By Ishleen Kaur

Hello sweeties!
No matter how much makeup we put on to feel confident and good about ourselves, somewhere deep inside we all crave for a flawless skin which does not need any coverage in order to look perfect. Isn't it? Be it those dark circles, or those tiny balckheads or those pesky acne (pimples), we all hate them and want our skin to be smooth af!
I have been bothered with acne outbreaks since early teenage years and they haven't bid me farewell till date. And when in such worst case scenarios some product shows a ray of hope to me, I am all game to test it out.

So these Niapads are basically a USA based company and it promises to give relief from the most stubborn of acne. It retails for 2350 INR and you get a ton loads of pads in it. 

How To use:
Take a pad and wet it using a few drops of water. make sure not to wet it under running water as that would wash off the medicinal goodness of the pad. Now using the wet pad scrub off all the oils and dirt off your face and for more stubborn acne just place the wet pad on the spot and let it sit on the imple till the pad dries off.

So now for my experience with Niapads!
I do not have high hopes from products which claim to fight off acne, and this was no exception. I generally do not trust acne-clearing products as I have tried thousands of them and got positive results from none. And although I did not expect this baby to appease me, it actually did--to quite and extent. 

I have been testing out this baby since 3 weeks now, so that you people know whether it is worth the 2500 bucks that you might be spending on it--as getting poor results from expensive products is always heartbreaking. And let me tell you guys, that this does work. I generally use it as a spot treatment and it does feel a bit drying when applied as it is soaking out all the dirt and oils present beneath the skin, so that you know it is actually working. I cut off small portions (big enough to cover a pimple) and use several of such small pieces all across my face and back (yes i have body acne as well) and though the severe acne on my back did not heal much with this, the smaller pimples on my face did heal big time with these pads.

Final Verdict
If you do not have very stubborn or cystic acne, and suffer from facial acne outbreaks which are not cystic, go try this one out. It definitely helps to improve the condition and is worth the money invested. 

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