Friday, March 18, 2016

Sattvik Organics Anti Marks Treatment Kit & Serum Review

Hello beautifuls, I am back after a really long time. I am not sure how many of you re following me on Snapchat, but I updated the reason why I am MIA all of a sudden....catch me @jhilmildsaha on Snapchat. Anyway, so recently I have been trying the Sattvik Organics Anti Marks Treatment Kit & Serum and thought of sharing my view with you all.

About Sattvik Organics Anti Marks Treatment Kit & Serum:
This is a breakthrough formula to remove marks and scars of all kinds and repair damaged tissues to give you a flawless complexion. The added aroma oils in this treatment kit improve skin texture, boost skin renewal & hydration. With regular usage, it restores cell vitality and leaves your skin looking younger & firmer.

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This is an ancient magical secret to significantly reduce the prevalence of pigmentation, blemishes, freckles & patchiness. It is also extremely effective in removing stretch marks. This herbal serum penetrates deep into the affected skin layers and repairs the damaged tissues from within. It restores natural skin complexion by matching the epithelial pigments.

Price: Rs. 299 Available at 10% discount here

Sattvik Organics Anti Marks Treatment Kit:
It comes in a cardboard box with 4 similar looking jars that are the:

1. Papaya Milk Cleansing Cream: It is a gentle cream, very soft for the skin. The cream is to be massaged in to the skin and wiped off with a cotton pad. It takes away dirt and excess oil, leaving skin fresh and soft.

2. Papaya Seeds Exfoliating Scrub Powder: The next step is to scrub away the dead skin cells, that cause dullness. The scrub powder has to be mixed either with water or rose water to form a paste and then scrubbed on the face. I found the scrub a bit harsh for my skin. I am sure sensitive skin will not enjoy using the scrub. It would have been better if it was in a gel form. However, the skin becomes quite radiant.

3. Papaya Cream Anti Blemish Cream; This is the most enjoyable part of the treatment for me. The cream has to be massaged into the face in gentle circular movements till everything is absorbed. Then the excess need to be wiped with a cotton pad.

4. Papaya Pulp D-Pigmentation Mask: This is the final Step of the Anti-Marks Treatment Kit. I like how it is available in a paste form and you need a small amount to be applied on skin. After keeping it on skin for 15-20 minutes, the face is rinsed with water.

Sattvik Organics Anti marks Treatment Serum:  This serum has to be used daily at night before going to bed on areas that are affected.

My Experience: I like the packaging and the size of the products. The kit can last a very long time. I am not a fan of papaya but found the products of this kit to be quite soothing smelling. The kit overall gives a very good result in just one use. It is best used once in a week. And if you are using the serum along with it, it is bound to give good results. I noticed visible brightness and blurring of dark spots. However, as said earlier, I wish the scrub was less harsh. Apart from that, I do not see any major drawback in the kit and serum. The treatment kit may appear expensive but it is value for money due to the amount and the results it give.

Rating: 4/5

Sattvik Organics Anti Marks Treatment Kit & Serum, together form a full fledged answer to pigmentation issues. Instead of spending thousands on expensive salon treatments to get rid of spots, a one time investment on this package may prove to be better.

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