Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tattva Dark Chocolate Lip Balm Review!

Tattva Dark Chocolate Lip Balm Review!

-By Ishleen Kaur

Lip balms and chocolates are most probably than not my most favourite things the whole wide world. Just the name “Dark Chocolate Lip Balm” got me craving for my big bar of Amul Dark chocolate and I had to dig into the cutest little jar of the lipbalm to experience the luxurious feeling of the balm on my lips.

Though the lip balm says it is a dark chocolate variant but it smells more like coconuts. Nothing chocolaty in it though. But, it is any case it is pleasant smelling which makes the absence of chocolaty scent acceptable!

Talking of facts, this tub of lip balm from Tattva retails for 175 bucks for a huge 9 grams of product which actually makes it way cheaper than all the Nivea and the Maybelling lip balms because of the whopping quantity. The lip balm comes in a very cute tub with a clean plastic casing and the details written sticker wrapped around the periphery of the tub.

Tattva very clearly mentions that their products are natural, eco-friendly and free from any harmful chemicals. Though very cute,I am not much inclined towards the jar packaging because each time I wish to use it, I need to dip my fingers into it which ultimately leads to transmission of bacterias to the product. Not very hygienic but I again say, very cute to look at.

The lip balm looks like a muddy taupe-brown shade in the jar but comes out clear on the lips. The texture is very smooth— almost buttery smooth and reminds me of The Body Shop lip butters. I like my lip balm a bit heavy during dry winter months as they feel very luxurious and velvety on the lips.
The lip balm indeed has a balmy, but very comfortable texture which is not at all waxy.

It hydrates the lips well and the lips feel and look moisturised for good 3 hours after which you need to re-apply. It does not leave a white cast on the lips but make the lips look succulent and healthy.

Rating — 4.5/ 5 (0.5 deducted for packaging)

Final verdict: Go get it girls!! Like right now!!

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