Friday, March 4, 2016

The Most Innovative Launch This Women's Day--The Seasoul Cosmetics Fruit Mask Making Machine!

The Most Innovative Launch This Women's Day--The Seasoul Cosmetics Fruit Mask Making Machine!

-By Ishleen Kaur
Hello dearies!
Women's day is just round the corner, and brands have been constantly getting out their latest launches in the name of the upcoming day irrespective of the launch being even remotely related to the day itself or not! So when in such rat-race situations, if there come up brands which actually think about the women in us, and try to bring out products which actually give us the freedom to chose and decide our type of products, it is but obvious that we need to bring it to your notice!

When was the last time you went to the market in search of a specifically natural, organic mask for your particular skin type; and despite of being spoilt for choices you never got the feels for any of those lurking through the cosmetic shelves? Yes, that is something which happens often with me, and in such cases I always used to desire to create a mask for myself with the kind of products I want for the time being, and be sorted! Maybe Seasoul Cosmeceuticals' founder Manisha Chopra was thinking just about the same when she took the lunge into creating something for the modern women who still crave naturally made products which they can actually customise! Talk about freedom!

As per what I know, these spectacular and fully automated mask making machines are as of now being used across a vast spectrum of salons in south India and are budding to grow into the rest of the Indian subcontinent! "This machine helps salons and spas blend the best of professional and home-like experiences for customers in India. They can extract fresh fruit and vegetable pulp in front of clients which gives them the assurance of natural goodness."

The mask making machine is indeed one of its kind product which gives the ease of creating personalised sheet masks and customise them as per the requirements of the user. The best part, the sheet masks are 100% natural, and if you tend to use organic fruits and veggies to make the masks, then the masks are also organic in nature!

Seasoul Cosmeceuticals also provides its users with a handy recipe book for all sorts of concoctions to create something which suits you, which has the healing properties for your particular skin type--be it oily, dry, acne-prone, pigmented, blemished, flaky or ageing--you can create the perfect soultion out of it yourself! But you need to use only water based fruits and veggies in the machine as they pulp out better and work so much more nicely!

So what are you waiting for? If you are still wondering what to pamper yourself with this womens day, you surely now know where to head first!

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