Tuesday, April 19, 2016

About "Fan" by a Fan: Movie Review

The movie Fan revolves around a Superstar Aryan Khanna and an over obsessive fan Gaurav Chandna who is the owner of a cyber cafĂ© at the corners of Delhi. 

Aryan Khanna is a renowned superstar of Bollywood and it was completely his own efforts - No influence but sheer hard work. On the other hand, Gaurav Chandna who looks like Aryan by birth is all dragged and obsessed with Aryan’s stardom. He spends 20,000/- to meet him and show him his “Super Sitara” trophy which he won by acting in his colony. He refers himself as Junior Aryan Khanna and perfectly imitates him. He goes to Mumbai without ticket, stays in the same hotel and same room in which Aryan Khanna stayed in his struggling days. Gaurav is happy with his “Junior Aryan Khana” tag and wants to live it throughout his life. In short, he wants to do all those things which Aryan did during his struggling days. 

Hat’s off to the cinematography and the graphics team. They did a wonderful job. All the scenes were beautifully depicted and it didn’t feel like it was one person acting two diverse roles ,  and not to forget the makeup team, how they developed Gaurav Chandna from Aryan Khanna. The cast was brilliant . I don’t think anyone would have pulled off the role better than SRK and SRK.

The movie fan depicts a strong message to the youth today. It says to build us our own identity and live our lives on our own, not like anyone else. It also states how over-obsession can become so dangerous and harmful. We get a glimpse on what’s going on actually behind the glamorous world. The movie has no songs and a very small role of the female actor. It is fun and pleasurable in the first half while the second half gets a little upsetting and dark until the climax. Overall, SRK’s acting was fabulous and it seemed that King Khan is back. It is s good one time watch, just because of the brilliance that is SRK!!!

Rating: 3/5

By Airene

This is absolutely my own take about the movie, it may differ from others.

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