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Banta And Gola Festival At The Ancient Barbeque!

Banta And Gola Festival At The Ancient Barbeque!


Delhi is known for its roadside food but road side food as appealing as it may sound, is not the most hygienic thing to have! Bantas and Golas are a childhood favourite, and when I came to know that gurgaon's favourite barbeque, The Ancient Barbeque (TAB) is having a legendary Gola (chuski) and Banta festival, we had to give it a try! And yes, as and while you are reading this, the limited time period festival is running smoothly and waiting for you to give them a visit! So hurry!

Gola's, Chuski's and Banta's are every 90's kids favourite things to have in the summers. Not because we did not have sorbets or frozen yogurts or baskin robins to indulge in those days, but because the freshly shaved ice had a charm of its own and the way the sweet and sour bantas and golas tickled our palates was out of the world! And the same tickling sensation took me back to my childhood days when i visited TAB the other day. The place in itself has a very soothing and calm feel to it. The place is well sit, has soothing colours on the walls and to add on to that the water dripping form the glass panes, giving an illlsuion of a water fall adds to the charm of the place. The place is quite huge for restaurant standards and also boasts of a spacious terrace restaurant which would be such a cool thing in case any one wants to have a live terrace bar be cue.

Coming to the food, the place works on a live grill and barbecue concept which makes the whole dine-in experience very warm, fuzzy and one of its kind. The food was good and the servers were very enthusiastic which if you ask me is a very rare thing to find these days. I want to go into the details of all the food and everything that I had there, but as this post caters to the on-going banta and gola festival, I would rather stick to it for now!

We started with a jaljeera banta which was like a regular jal jeera but a bit spicy for my taste buds and loaded with the iconic boondi which went very well with the jaljeera. Second came in the pan banta which was the best of the lot and i enjoyed it the most as it had pan as well as rose flavours to it. The narangi banta, or the orange flavoured banta was a miss for me as it had some artificial flavours in it which were hitting my sensitive throat badly. I even tried a regular lemon banta and even that had some artificial flavourings to it but it tasted very well nonetheless.

To go along with the road side food scenario they had also introduced ram laddoo (the traditional mung dal wadis topped up with fresh mint chutney and raddish shavings) which I enjoyed as they came in piping hot and were well balanced on flavours. But if I had to chose one of the best dishes from the banta and gola festival it would undoubtedly be their wide range of vada pao which had the iconic mumbaiya vada pao taste to it. The first vada pao I tied was the oat meal vada pao and was it the yummiest ever vegetarian snack? Oh yes! Sounds like diet food, is healthy and is no where even near to tasting like oatmeals. The second was the chilli chicken vada pao and trust me when i say this, it is the best fusion vada pao I have ever tasted. Like it is one of the must have dishes from the entire festival.

The golas, not that I tried many, were good but not anything par excellence. The ice shavings were fresh, the flavours were intact but that earthly charm which a roadside prepared gola or chuski has, was missing! But it was still worth a shot to beat the summer heat!

So now that the summers have settled in and the festival is on its full speed, now is the time to rush into The Ancient barbecue and have the time of your summery life.

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