Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bi-monthly Intensive Face Care with VLCC

It is difficult to take care of your skin properly when you are the busy mom!! However, sometimes you have to give in to your skin thirst and indulge yourself to some kind of pampering. And here is my bi-monthly Intensive Care with VLCC.

I start off with the VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk. It deep cleanses the skin and gets rid of hidden dirt and oil. You just have to swipe with a moist cotton ball.

Then to get rid of the dead cells of the skin, I use the VLCC Diamond Polishing Face Scrub. It has Diamond Bhasma which are very tiny shimmering particles in a bed of gel. I love how nice and radiant the skin feels after massaging it for 5 minutes.

Now comes the deep hydration part and for this I use the VLCC Pista Massage Cream. It sounded really interesting to me as Pista or pistachio is an ingredient I would have never thought as a source of beauty. I massage it for 8-10 minutes and it really hydrates the skin so well.

The rejuvenating part is done by the VLCC Diamond Detoxifying Wash Off Mask. It has detoxifying and youth restoring properties. By this time the skin looks quite improved and glowing.

Generally people leave the skin as it is after using a mask, but I use the VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Day Cream. It has SPF 25 and is infused with natural brighteners like mulberry and liquorice.

If I am going out on that day, I use an extra protection for the skin and it is the VLCC Enbrighten Tinted Sun Screen Souffle. I have used sun screen in cream, lotion nad gel forms but this is the first time I am using in souffle form. It is an interesting product, however, I would have liked if it has used a tint close to skin colour. It appears orange and does not really do a work of a tinted moisturizer.

Well, basically this is my b-monthly skin care session with VLCC. Individually I am quite impressed with the Diamond scrub and Mask. Even the Snigdha Cream is also quite good, but I was expecting a lot from the Enbrighten Souffle.

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