Thursday, April 7, 2016

Give Your Shoes A Makeover With Helios Premium Shoe Range

Give Your Shoes A Makeover With Helios Premium Shoe Range


Hello my angels!
We at Beauty and Beyond have always tried to bring you everything BEAUTY, and all things BEYOND! And going beyond our niche, today we are here reviewing a premium shoe care range which not only makes fantastic products, but also retails them at prices catering to every pocket. So going into the shoe-cleaning details, here we start with the Helios premium range review!

Shoe Cream - The fastest way to polish your shoes!

This little 60 gram tub of creamy shoe cleaning goodness retails for 99 bucks and indeed is the fastest way to polish your shoes. My tub said NATURAL, so there are chances that either they have more colour variants in the polish or may be this is the natural shade suitable for all shoe colours. It has a tiny sponge brush which can be used to dispense the cream equally all across the shoe and shine the shoes from all the sides! I personally like to use it after polishing my shoes with my black polish and then adding that extra shine to the shoes with the shoe cream!

Shine On Shoe Brush Natural

I have used quite a few shoe shiners as my dad is a big shiny leather shoe freak, and me being the humble daughter find it a pleasure to shine his shoes for him! But this shoe shiner is a bit different, the spunge is full of shining fluids (which help in shining the shoes) and is moist! Even the shape of the brush is so that it fits in the palm well and is convenient to use! Plus, it retails for just 125 bucks and will last you quite some time!

Leather Lotion - Cleansing cream to maintain the natural softness of the leather!

With a very pleasant citrusy fragrance (which is very similar to the shoe cream's fragrance) this cute little bottle of lotion retails for 175 rupees and is ideal for cleansing not just your leather shoes but also your leather bags and belts! Being a multipurpose bag, it is actually very convenient. I have tried renewing some of my classic (read old) leather bags and they actually look revived if not as fresh as new! One of the must have products from the range!

Suede and Nubuck Spray 

Ok, to be honest, this is the first time I have ever came across a shoe care product for seude! I am a sucker for suede long boots and it has always been a struggle to maintain them. But since the time I have started using my Helios Premium Suede and Nubuck Spray which comes in a kit and has a dual sided brush ( nylon bristles for suede shoes and rubber nibs for nubuck) which comes free with it. Basically I just dust off the dirt from my suede shoes using the nylon bristles of the brush and then spray my shoes from about 30 cm of distance and before the liquid is fully dried up I again brush off my shoes to make sure all is even and shiny and fresh and all jazzed up!

So that was our take on  the Helios Premium Shoe Care Range and we totally recommend it! So when are you trying your hands at the range?

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