Monday, April 25, 2016

Hair Spa with Juvena Herbals and Ma Earth Botanicals

So, for the past 2 weeks I have taken out some time to indulge in a hair spa. For this at home spa, I am using products from Ma Earth Botanicals and Juvena Herbals.

In the morning before I do anything I start by applying the Juvena Herbals Spa Silk Conditioning Oil. It is not a very sticky oil and is easy to apply. I keep it for around 3 hours. The oil is so light and makes the hair so silky that it can actually be used as a hair serum too.

While taking shower, I cleanse off my hair with the Ma Earth Botanicals Hair Cleanser. This sulphate free cleanser is very mild and softening for the hair. I like the fresh feel after using it.

Next is the most important part and that is the nourishing one and for this I use the Juvena Herbals Spa Silk Conditioning Mask. It is a thick mask and requires very less amount for my fine hair. However, after use, it gives a really shiny and silky hair.

I am liking the once in a week hair regime with these products nowadays. The best thing about it is all are cruelty free products with no use of chemicals.

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