Saturday, April 23, 2016

Herbal India Derma Renew Mello Derma Cream Review

Hey pretties, for the last 1 year or so I have been testing skin care products from Herbal India, and most of them are quite effective. Today I will be talking about Herbal India Derma Renew Mello Derma Cream.

About Herbal India Derma Renew Mello Derma Cream :
Keep Tan, Sun Burn, Pimples, Acne breakouts, Blemishes, Scars, Melasma, Under Eye Dark Circles, Pigmentation problems at bay

Price: Rs. 3000 for 30g
Packaging: The Herbal India Derma Renew Mello Derma Cream comes in a luxurious white and blue cardboard packaging. The jar is transparent with a gold twist open cap.

Product: The cream is creamy white in colour, with a slightly greenish tint and appears as scooped avocado with a very nice fragrance. 

My experience: I like the beautiful luxurious packaging of Herbal India Derma Renew Mello Derma Cream. Secondly, the avocado like appearance also is quite tempting. The fragrance is another good thing about the cream.Generally the consistency of most herbal India Creams are quite thick, like a face pack, but this one is considerably blendable, but still needs time to get absorbed. But the finish is very matte and yet not drying. It should be suitable for oily to normal skin and even dry skin to some extent.

With Herbal India Derma Renew Mello Derma Cream, I have noticed lightening of the acne spots that have recently been troubling me for long. It also gives a radiant glow to the skin, keeps the skin matte for a long time. The natural ingredients like mulberry, grapeseed and kakadu plum extracts are rich source of antioxidants, thus keeping the skin youthful and supple. The price is again quite high. But frankly, it works good on spots and pigmentation. Even I noticed, it has evened out my complexion. Recently I am not able to take care of my skin that much, and my skin has become dull and uneven. The Herbal India Derma Renew Mello Derma Cream has improved my skin tone and texture quite well, just in a few days. 

Rating: 4.3/5

Herbal India Derma Renew Mello Derma Cream does a really good job of maintaining healthy and spotless skin. Those with skin concerns like blemishes, pigmentation, tanning, uneven skin, enlarged pores and dullness can be benefited from the cream in a short time. I am really happy to see the quick results, in spite of its high price.

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