Thursday, April 21, 2016

Moha Rose Mist Review

One of the most frequently used beauty product is Rose water/mist. No matter what your skin is, a spray of the rose mist will definitely soothe you. Today I will be talking about one of my latest obsessions, Moha Rose Mist.

About Moha Rose Mist
Soothe, hydrate and tone your skin texture with moha: rose mist. An enlivening blend of Aloe Vera and fresh Rose Water it ensures youthful looking skin every day.

Price: Rs.158 Available at 30% off here

Packaging: Moha Rose Mist comes in a cream coloured cardboard packaging which has images of rose. The bottle inside is transparent with a spray top that is protected by a plastic lid.

My experience: I have used 2-3 rose spray/mist before and have loved all. Nothing soothes me better than rose water. The packaging of Moha Rose Mist is amazing, as if taken from an artist's studio. The initial smell is a bit strong for my taste, however it mellows down quickly. It hydrates the skin instantly and makes it fresh. Whenever I am tired and sweating, I spray a bit of it and it re-energizes my skin immediately. It has very nice moisturizing properties. The blend of aloe vera makes it suitable for sensitive skin as well. 

Moha Rose Mist is one of my most used products. I had been using another rose mist so long which was way expensive. Now Moha Rose Mist will replace it as I did not find any difference, apart from the price. This affordable Rose mist is sure to be an essential part of my skin care throughout the summer.


Moha Rose Mist is an inexpensive and cruelty-free product, suitable for all skin types and perfect for the summers to revive your skin.

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